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This is the page where we will post news, updates and pieces of information to keep you updated and informed. This is where you'll also find information about both current and upcoming specials, so check in here regularly.
Personal Chart Special - Now Open

The 2016 Personal Chart special is now open.

What is a 2016 Personal Chart?
A Personal Chart is a transit chart that I work on personally, printing off your natal chart and identifying and explaining the transits that will impact your chart over the course of the next 12 months. These are the transits unique to you as opposed to everyone else who shares your Star/Sun Sign and are usually $125 (New Zealand Dollars). But for a limited time this is half price, just $50 and comes with a Free 2016 ReportClick here to read more and/or to order.

2016 Horoscope Report 

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The 2016 Horoscope Report is now available to purchase for only $18



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