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Year of the Rooster

Rooster-208When the New Moon on the 28th January ushers in the Year of the Rooster, this sees the energy governing the year change. It is a little like electing a new president or prime minister. All our lives stay the same, the land is under a different ruler and that will have subtle influences. The laws might change and what we can and can’t do. This won’t change our lives but it will subtly change the way we go about our lives, as the rulership changes.

On the 28th January the Monkey moves aside, making way for the Rooster. The Monkey is quick on his feet, he’s crazy smart, insanely intelligent and a lateral thinker. The Monkey will go for the easiest way out of a tricky situation every time and can’t think why you would want to do things the hard way. If there’s a short cut the Monkey will find it.

This is the energy we have been under since February 2015 and it has taught us all to think on your feet, respond to situations on the fly and in general take a smart, creative and colourful approach to life. Now we have to adjust to living under the Rooster’s influence, one that couldn’t be more different to the Monkey.

The story I most love about the Rooster is one that explains his tendency to worry. The Rooster is the king of the barnyard. He loves to strut his stuff, knowing that nothing happens without his say so or approval. He takes that responsibility seriously, especially when it comes to keeping the chicken coop free from predators. However, the Rooster has another, very important job. That job isn’t crowing at dawn in order to announce to the barnyard that the Sun is up and it’s time to start another busy day. No, the Rooster’s job is much more important. His job is to wake the Sun up, believing that if he didn’t get up before dawn and crow, the Sun wouldn’t rise and that would be the end of everything. That is a heavy weight that the Rooster takes on his shoulders.

In the Year of the Rooster there will be a tendency to take life and our responsibilities seriously, but also a danger that we could buy into the belief that we are responsible for the rising and setting of the Sun. The Rooster is an industrious and hard working year, a year where you’re able to get a lot done, take on more responsibility and accomplish and acquire a lot.

The Rooster also likes bluster. Watch him strut around the barnyard and ward off predators and you’ll see a self assured and even aggressive creature. Yet this isn’t done from a sense of self importance, but of how seriously the Rooster takes his responsibilities. For all of us there will be a draw to take on more responsibility, not to shirk our duties and to get the job done.

In terms of looking at leaders, whether it is our political leaders, our boss at work or other people in power or a leadership position, we will lose faith in those that don’t have that same work ethic. The Rooster doesn’t mind show ponies, for after all no one struts his features with more flair than a Rooster does, but he backs it up with a strong work ethic. If someone is just a show pony and doesn’t back that up, he will lose our respect.

Yet the Rooster isn’t just hard work and responsibility, for when it is deserved, he loves to see us shine. The Rooster doesn’t just quietly go about protecting the barnyard and calling up the Sun each morning, he makes sure everyone sees how wonderful he is. So if you’re prepared to put in the hard work and take responsibility, then expect recognition.

Unlike the Monkey, who was all about taking as many shortcuts as possible and who prided himself in cutting corners, the Rooster plays by the rules, demanding that you do things the right way. For the Monkey, if there was an easier way he’d find it and ask ‘why not’? The Rooster doesn’t seek out the harder path, but looks at short cuts and asks ‘why should it’? The Rooster knows how much you’re able to learn by doing things the right way.

The Rooster hates loose ends. He hates all those bills you haven’t got around to paying. He hates those odd jobs around the house you’ve been putting off and he hates clutter. From the moment the Rooster arrives he’ll roll up his sleeves and start restoring clutter.

This year we have a Fire Rooster and here we have something special. The last time we had a Fire Rooster year was back in 1957. Fire is motivated, full of passion, motivation and a need for action. There is a tendency with the Fire Rooster energy to become one eyed, in that once you form an opinion you stick to it, no matter what. Yet so long as you’re aware of that, then you can use this to your advantage in anything that does require you to stick to something once you start.

In summary the Rooster is a year where you are likely to get a lot done, mainly by rolling up your sleeves, taking responsibility and sticking to something until the job is done. It is also a year where you’re likely to be recognised for hard work, especially if you’ve put in the effort and you don’t give up. There is a need though to avoid taking on so much responsibility that you believe that the Sun and Moon won’t rise without you. The Rooster believes in playing it by the book and will smile on those that play by the book and the rules as well.

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