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April 2020

I would normally start this Overview by saying ‘welcome to the new month’ but this time, it is more a case of ‘welcome to a completely new reality’. Before I go on to explain what is happening astrologically this month I just want to digress for a moment to give you my thoughts on this truly once in a lifetime experience that we are all going through, with the words ‘we are all going through’ especially significant.

Astrologers are being asked ‘did you see this coming’ and the answer is ‘no’. Astrologers don’t have a crystal ball and Astrology is not fortune telling or predictive. We can point to the first Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn in 500 years but this didn’t create a global pandemic. To me, Astrology has three specific strengths – the first is dates. We can pinpoint what energies are in play and when, though we can’t predict how this will manifest. The second is that Astrology explains – it can’t predict what will happen, only the energy in play – its true power is when we look back or are in a situation where we know what is presenting, we know the energy and we can bring the two together.

The third is what I call the ‘how’ – the stars haven’t created a global pandemic but they can give us the resources and the understanding on ‘how’ we can manage our way through this and already I can see a major trend emerging.

For those familiar with Tarot, this is a ‘Tower moment’ in time, a situation where structures and realities we thought were set in stone are crumbling. We all have Tower moments in our lives, but never in our lifetime has the whole globe experienced a Tower moment at the same time. This is a massive and global course correction, where life as we know stops, the ‘reset’ button is pushed and a new reality or normal will emerge on the other side, one that is real and authentic. I am not just talking the economy, but the way we look at our jobs, our lives, how we treat each other – everything.

This is a horrible and challenging time globally but what I can see emerging is a coming together of powerful Aquarian energy that is being led by Saturn’s return to Aquarius on 22nd March and Mars’ return on 31st March (New Zealand time).

Aquarius is the sign of social networking, community, togetherness and teamwork. It is also the sign that rules the internet, all things inventive and future driven. It is said that we have been in the Age of Aquarius for some time but I see that it is just now coming down the birth canal and it is being pushed out by a global pandemic.

I also see this happening on two levels. One is on the technological level. When you look back on not just the technological advances of the last three decades but of just the last 10 years, it is as though we are have been preparing for this time. This is a moment in history when a lot of us can work from home, we can still connect virtually and no one is cut off from anyone.

We might not be able to see each other in real life, but we can Facetime and Skype. It was my grandson’s second birthday last week and as the whole of New Zealand is in lockdown, I wasn’t able to see him. However, in something akin to a ransom drop off (fortunately I had already bought his present), I left it outside my house for my daughter to pick up and then on the morning of his birthday, I was able to sing him happy birthday and watch him open my present through Whatsapp video. I couldn’t have done that 10 years ago. Tonight I am meeting up with four girlfriends for a wine and a chat, in the comfort of my own home, through Facebook live video.

The second way I can see this Aquarian energy emerging is through the aspect of kindness and a sense that we are all in this together, in terms of complete strangers. We see it with the global clapping of hands for essential workers that is happening around the world, singing from balconies in Italy and random acts of kindness when we are out and about. My son is the designated shopper during our lockdown and he went to the supermarket two days ago. When he was getting out of his car an elderly lady was getting out of hers and they both made their way across the supermarket carpark. The lady had a walker so my son got to the end of the queue to go into the supermarket first but immediately told her to go in front of him. The person in front of him heard this and told her to go in front of them and so did the person in front of them. This went on down the chain until she ended up at the very front of the queue, where the security person at the door saw what was happening, came and got her and escorted her inside. That would never have happened just a few weeks ago.

While there are exceptions and this is a truly horrible and challenging time, there is a whole new sense of humanity, kindness, togetherness and also reliance on technology emerging and this is the most powerful expression of Aquarian energy that I have ever seen in my lifetime.

I am finding this in my work as well. The challenge that I have when I am writing is that I am writing Horoscopes that are read all over the world. You might be in New Zealand, Australia, the US, the UK or anywhere in between and I have to be aware of that when I am writing. It might be summer here but winter where you are. We have public and school holidays at different times of the year, so when I am writing the horoscopes I can’t be specific or I can’t write for a shared experience. Here in New Zealand it is autumn and we are about to head into winter but for many, it is spring and you are moving into summer. We might be able to connect but we are not going through a shared experience.

Until now. Wherever you are in the world, regardless of the season or the culture of your country, we are all practising social isolation, schools are closed, we are all trying to stay safe from a global pandemic and we are relying on each other like never before. I have been writing Horoscopes since 1997 but never before have I been able to write knowing everyone I am speaking to is having the same experience, at the same time.

As I said at the start, Astrology doesn’t create or predict anything but it can explain. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion and Pluto is the planet of change and revolution but also the planet of death and transformation. I see Jupiter and Pluto working together to tear down what isn’t working in order to make way for new growth and to do that they have to be focused and unyielding and in Capricorn that is exactly the kind of energy for the job.

Yet this is also a time when something brand new is emerging, a world that is about kindness, togetherness, a shared experience and a massive reliance on technology and that is classic Aquarian energy. And it just so happens that within the space of just nine days, Saturn and Mars have both returned to Aquarius, meeting up here for the first time since 1994. Saturn is giving us the discipline to practice social isolation and to endure the challenges we face, while Mars is the motivation to embrace this. We also have the dwarf planet Ceres in Aquarius, where she has been since the end of January and will be until leaving on 24th April. Ceres is the goddess of the Corn and of nurturing and her focus is on what nurtures and feeds us and in Aquarius, this is through human connection. Ceres will be back later in the year.

Last month began with Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Mars all in Capricorn but they have divided out into two camps this month and this is exactly what is not only going to lead us through these challenging times but will allow us to triumph.

In the meantime, the faster moving planets continue their trek across the heavens or at least some of them will. This month Venus is putting herself into home isolation as well and she is doing this in Gemini. Venus will return to Gemini on 4th April for what should be a 24 day visit but instead, a retrograde turn next month will keep her here until August. What is significant about this is that when Venus returns to Air sign Gemini, Saturn is still at 00 degrees of Air sign Aquarius and Mars at just 02 degrees. This will put Venus at a friendly aspect to both in her early days in Gemini and with both Venus and Saturn turning retrograde next month, there is a sense that they are in this together. Venus is halting her march across the heavens in order to support the planets in Aquarius and this Aquarian experience that we are all going through.

Even this month’s Full Moon will fall in Air sign Libra on 8th April, moving into a friendly aspect to Venus in Gemini and to Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of friendship and togetherness, Gemini is the sign of communication and Libra of relationships and it is as though the heavens are bending over backwards to support us during this time.

At the same time, Jupiter and Pluto are slowing down ahead of retrograde turns, with Pluto turning retrograde in Capricorn on 26th April and Jupiter next month.

The only planets that are moving at any speed are the Sun, whose speed is constant and never changes and Mercury, who is getting back up to speed after last month’s retrograde phase. As is always the case at this time of year, the Sun will start the month Aries before leaving and returning to Taurus on 20th April, while Mercury will move through from 11th April to 28th April. At top speed it will take Mercury 14 to 15 days to move through a sign, so the fact that it will take him 17 days means he is still not quite up to top speed. However, the Sun and Mercury will both end the month in Taurus, where this month’s New Moon will fall on 23rd April. Just as Venus is supporting Saturn and Mars in Aquarius, the Sun and Mercury will end the month supporting Jupiter and Pluto in fellow Earth sign Capricorn.

Finally, just a word about the Health Horoscopes that you may have noticed have popped up on the footer of the Daily Horoscopes. I have been writing them since last December, at the request of a client, but hadn’t put them on the website as I hadn’t had the time to actually do this, so belatedly and especially in these times, I have finally put them up. There is a Weekly and a Monthly Health Horoscope.

This is just a brief overview of the conditions this month, with the following links providing more information in what this means for you. The Monthly Horoscopes are now available and I will continue to go into this in the Daily and Weekly Horoscopes but you can also get more detailed information through the Monthly Horoscope Reports.

This Overview is simply my chance to tell you what the planets are doing each month and not how this will impact you, which I will do through the Horoscopes. However, the Monthly Horoscope Reports will provide a lot more information and detail into exactly where, when and how this will impact you.

All the very best for the coming month and these uncertain but also extraordinary times.

Anne Macnaughtan

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