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November 2019

Firstly just some housekeeping, in terms of how to better use this Overview. The Overview won't explain how, what I am talking about below will impact your chart specifically, but what this is, is the backstory to the Horoscopes. This is the story playing out in the heavens this month and when I write the Horoscopes, whether it is the Daily, Weekly or Monthly Horoscopes, I am looking at this story and then explaining how this is impacting you that day, week, etc. The hope with the Overview is to have this as a partner to the Horoscopes, so that when you do read your Horoscopes you can better understand the implications. 

So what is happening in November?

This is the point in the year that everything until now has led up to and everything from now will lead on from, with the mechanics of transitioning out of 2019 and into 2020 happening now at not over the New Year. Everything that will make 2020 the most exciting and powerful year that I have seen in the over 20 years that I have been doing this, has literally been building behind the scenes for years now, like dormant buds or seeds germinating in the soil, waiting for the right time. It is all there, all set up and ready to sprout into life and there are the first signs, in the second half of this month that this is about to begin.

In the meantime, November is a month when the small and the big story will start merging into one. Let me explain.

In any given year there are really three stories going on. There is the ‘big’ or ‘major’ story, which are the forces that give any specific year its power. This year that major story is Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. There is also a ‘small’ story and this is the ever changing landscape of the year itself, where the faster moving planets are constantly on the move, bringing different areas of your life onto centre stage, at different times of the year. The third is the ‘ultra big’ story, which is the outer planets, which are literally in the same sign for years and in some cases for well over a decade.

It is the fact that the ‘small’, the ‘big’ and ‘ultra big’ stories are getting ready to merge that is set to make 2020 the block buster of a year it is destined to be.

This makes Venus a pivotal player this month, for while she is part of the small story and spending just 24 days in each area of your chart is constantly on the move, she begins the month part of the small story, goes on to become part of the big story and by the end of the month will become part of the ultra big story.

Venus begins the month in Scorpio and with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of November here, this is a Scorpio ruled time of year. It is here that Mercury is in the process of turning retrograde as we move into the new month and where he will remain in retrograde motion until 21st November.

This creates a snapshot at the start of the month that looks like this – Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio, where the focus is on the ‘small story’ at this time every year – Jupiter in his last full month in Sagittarius and his focus on the ‘big story’ – and Saturn and Pluto, still in their early months in Capricorn, where the ‘big and the ultra big stories’ are coming together.

What makes Venus such an important player this month is that she will start the month in Scorpio, spend from 2nd November to 26th November in Sagittarius with Jupiter and then end the month with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

It is Venus’ return to Sagittarius that marks the beginning of the end, returning in time to help us exploit Jupiter’s last full month here and to ensure your heart is engaged. With Jupiter leaving just a week after Venus leaves on 26th November, their weeks together here will be pivotal when it comes to wrapping up Jupiter’s time here and what has been the ‘big story’ or one of the major themes in your life throughout this year.  Jupiter is finishing up and as is always the case, this is when the faster moving planets return to help bring things home. 

Mercury’s retrograde turn means that he will spend the whole month in Scorpio, so won’t become involved in bringing Jupiter’s time in Sagittarius home until next month. Even then, while Jupiter will move on in the early days of December, Mars won’t even return to Sagittarius until the New Year, giving you most of January and February to exploit and capitalise on all the potential Jupiter has spent all year creating, before ending all planetary activity here in February 2020.

The Sun however will return to Sagittarius on 23rd November, returning three days before Venus is due to leave and making sure that the solar spotlight will remain on the Sagittarius ruled area of your chart for the rest of Jupiter’s time here and after he leaves. It is here that a New Moon on 27th November will bring an opportunity for new beginnings and to embrace new opportunities in both the Sun’s short story and Jupiter’s big story way.

At this stage Saturn, Pluto and the Capricorn ruled area of your chart are still waiting in the wings, with Jupiter’s return in the early hours of 3rd December New Zealand and Australian time and on 2nd December everywhere else in the world shifting the balance of power here. This is when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will come together for the first time anywhere since 1982 and for the first time in Capricorn in our lifetime. This is the force that will dominate 2020 and is something that preparations for began as far back as 2007.

The point where the balance of power shifts from that which has dominated 2019 and that which will dominate 2020 is not New Year’s Eve but 2nd/3rd December and Venus has a finger in every pie this month.

After leaving Sagittarius on 26th November and with the Sun by then supporting Jupiter in his final days, Venus will return to Capricorn where she will take a step into the future. Venus is the first of the faster planets to reach Capricorn since she herself left earlier in the year.  Having spent the early days of the month with the Sun and Mercury on the short story focus that is here at this point every year, Venus moves on to play a pivotal role in Jupiter’s final weeks in Sagittarius and in the final weeks of this until now dominant force. Then Venus will end the month in Capricorn, giving your heart early access to the power that will drive things in 2020.

Meanwhile, a Full Moon in Taurus on 12th/13th November will also provide a window into what is developing in the Capricorn ruled area of your chart. This is just the second Full Moon in Taurus while Uranus has been here in eight decades and the first since the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected returned in March to begin a seven year visit. As each planet begins returning to Capricorn over the coming months, Venus on 26th November, the Sun next month, Mercury in January and Mars in February, they will all spend their early days at a friendly aspect to Uranus.

With Uranus in Taurus until 2026 and Pluto in Capricorn until 2024, these two areas of your chart will remain closely connected, with this Full Moon potentially energising things on both fronts, just weeks before the power begins to shift from the Sagittarius to the Capricorn ruled area of your chart.

Meanwhile Mars, who the faster moving planets caught up with over recent months is now dropping back. Mars will begin the month in Libra and until leaving on 19th November will continue to exploit what the other planets have begun. The same will happen when Mars returns to Scorpio on 19th November, in time to take over from where the Sun will leave off when he leaves on 23rd November. Over the coming months Mars will make his way through Sagittarius, exploiting the remaining potential after Jupiter leaves and eventually reaching Capricorn in February. It is when Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn come together in February/March 2020, for the first time anywhere at the same time in our lifetime, that there will be some major power generated.

There is change in the air and the balance of power is preparing to shift but it is Venus and therefore your heart that has a finger in every pie this month.

I will continue to keep you informed of the journey this month will take you on through the Daily and Weekly Horoscopes. A reminder that the General, Love, Money, Business,  Chinese, Pet and Fashion Horoscopes are all available on the website but also that you do have the option of having not just the General Daily Horoscopes emailed out, but the Daily Love, Money and Business Horoscopes as well – click here for details.

Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you more information on where all this month’s events are playing out, with the Monthly Reports getting right down into the details.

All the very best for the coming month
Anne Macnaughtan

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