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August 2020

If the essence of the coming month could be summed up in one word it would be ‘movement. Yes, all of the non personal planets are still in retrograde motion or will be once Uranus turns retrograde on 16th August and yes, Mars is slowing down ahead of his retrograde turn in Aries next month but the planets that rule the mundane aspects of daily life are moving again.

That hasn’t been the case for several months now. In July, the only movement was the Sun, who will always move from one sign to the other approximately 22 to 23 days into every month (linked to the summer/winter solstice and the spring/autumn equinox). In July, every planet ended the month where it began and in June, the only movement apart from the Sun was Mars, who left Pisces and returned to Aries, where he will stay for the rest of the year.

The fastest planets in the solar system are Mercury and Venus and these are the personal planets and while the planets from Jupiter out govern the bigger picture or the backdrop that our lives are playing out in front of, they are the planets that govern daily life.

In August Mercury will spend time in three signs – Cancer, Leo and Virgo and Venus in two signs, Gemini and Cancer. This is the norm and what you would expect from a typical month. While Mercury will turn retrograde three times a year, Venus will only turn retrograde every other year so to have had them both in retrograde motion at the same time is rare yet this has been our reality over the last few months. The fact that it was coming at the same time that the outer planets were turning retrograde added to a sense of stagnation. There was one point in the final days of June when only two planets in the solar system were in direct motion.

While the outer planets will remain in retrograde motion, with Jupiter and Saturn turning direct in Capricorn next month, Venus and Mercury are not just on the move but are picking up speed and that will make daily life feel more vibrant and less stagnant. It also means that there will be a sense of change and movement. Venus and Mercury aren’t supposed to spend months stuck on one point but that has been our reality for months now.

Mercury returned to Cancer for what should have been a 14 to 15 day visit at the end of May but a month later turned retrograde, only turning direct again in mid July. By the time Mercury finally leaves Cancer and returns to Leo on 5th August he will have been there for two months, one week and two days. In contrast, Mercury will only spend 15 days in Leo before becoming the first planet to reach Virgo this year, on 20th August. It is only fitting as Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo that he should be the first to arrive, with the Sun returning three days later.

It was back on 4th April that Venus returned for what should have been a 24 day visit to Gemini but instead, a retrograde turn from 13th May to 25th June has kept her here. By the time Venus finally leaves Gemini and returns to Cancer on 8th August she will have been here for four months and four days.

Things may still feel stuck or there could be some pressure in the early part of the month. Venus and Mercury are still where they have been for months and while they are about to move they haven’t yet and with mixed implications. Mercury will spend his final days in Cancer under pressure from all three planets in Capricorn, the same push back that the Sun got from Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in his final days in Cancer last months as well. That will end when Mercury leaves on 5th August.

It is a day before that, that a Full Moon in Aquarius will have a very different impact on Venus, in her final days in Gemini. Falling just over a month after Saturn retrograded back out of Aquarius and with the potential to act as a trigger or a catalyst after months of planetary activity there, this will see the Moon form a friendly aspect to Venus. The Full Moon falls on 4th August, exactly four months after Venus’ return to Gemini and in her final days and having had so much history with the planets in Aquarius over recent months, she will use this to make her final days count.

Venus will spend the rest of August in Cancer, keeping the planetary activity there alive much later into the year than is usually the case. Venus will do the same in Leo next month, after Mercury leaves on 20th August and the Sun on 23rd August.

This is just a brief overview of the conditions this month, with the following links providing more information in what this means for you. The Monthly Horoscopes are now available and I will continue to go into this in the Daily and Weekly Horoscopes but you can also get more detailed information through the Monthly Horoscope Reports.

This Overview is simply my chance to tell you what the planets are doing each month and not how this will impact you personally, which I will do through the Horoscopes. However, the Monthly Horoscope Reports will provide a lot more information and detail into exactly where, when and how this will impact you.

All the very best for the coming month and these uncertain but also extraordinary times.

Anne Macnaughtan


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