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2018 is set to be radically different from not just 2017, but the last few years, with the solar system in a fairly stable period. Stable as in not a lot has changed. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are always on the move, which is why they don’t have an impact on the whole of any year, just different points in the year and they repeat this year after year. Jupiter, who spends 12 to 13 months in one Sign changes once a year, so is the bare minimum of major change. Apart from that, not a lot has happened over recent years. The last time an outer planet moved from one area of your chart to another was in 2012 and Saturn has been in Sagittarius since 2014.

Yet we are entering a period of change and that is significant because it doesn’t just put new planetary activity in a different area of your chart, it changes the dynamics of the solar system and the relationships that the planets have with each other. This period of change began with Jupiter’s departure from Libra and return to Scorpio in early October, but this is dwarfed by developments this month. This month we also see the end of an era, with Mars’ departure from Libra on the 9th December, finally wrapping up all planetary activity here.

Mars will leave two months to the day after Jupiter left, bringing to a close not only Jupiter’s 13 month visit, but continuous planetary activity since Venus returned in August 2016. This not only brings all planetary activity in the Libra ruled area of your chart to a close but will see a lot of pressure drop back. As long as there is planetary activity in Libra there is pressure on Eris and Uranus in Aries, as has been the case for over 12 months. Yet with Uranus leaving Aries in May, his opposition with Mars on the 1st December is their last here in our lifetime.

This is going to defuse a lot of the tension, while at the same time Mars’ return to Scorpio will power up the Scorpio ruled area of your chart. Unlike the planetary activity in Libra that comes to an end, which had continuous opposition the whole time, there are no planets in Taurus, opposing sign to Scorpio. Mars returns two months behind Jupiter and after the Sun, Mercury and Venus have moved through. By then you should have a feel for what Jupiter is here to inspire and thanks to Venus’ departure on the 1st December, a fairly good idea of what you want.

This is the first time that the planets of passion and luck have met up in Scorpio since Jupiter was last here in 2006. However, unlike the Sun, Mercury and Venus, who all aligned with Jupiter over recent months and back in 2005/2006, it has been 35 years since Mars and Jupiter have aligned here. They nearly did in 2006, but Jupiter left before the warrior planet of the cosmos could catch up. They will align here in the New Year and with Mars not leaving until late January, they will fire things up in the final weeks of 2017 and early weeks of 2018.

With Jupiter not leaving until November 2018, this is a taste of the biggest area of opportunity and growth next year, something that is taking hold this month. Yet while Mars focus this month is on bringing Jupiter’s old agenda to a close and to welcome in his new agenda, there is another huge game in town. 

After three years in Sagittarius, Saturn is moving on and once he leaves on the 20th December, won’t be back for another three years. Yet after three years, there is a lot to bring down, a lot of loose ends and a lot of demands the hard taskmaster of the cosmos is likely to make in his final weeks. With the Sun here until the 22nd December, Mercury all month and Venus from the 1st December to the 25th December, there is plenty of support to bring this massive three year boot camp home, but also to exploit the potential on the other side. Mercury, who will spend from the 3rd December to the 23rd December in retrograde motion, won’t leave until the 11th January and with Mars returning later next month, you have until March to bring things home. 

Saturn’s departure from Sagittarius will change the dynamics in the solar system while taking away the heavy demands that the Sagittarius ruled area of your chart has had on you. At the same time, this ushers in a whole new era. That era begins with Saturn’s return to Capricorn on the 20th December, something you have been unknowingly preparing for since 2008. For that is when Pluto, planet of change and revolution returned to Capricorn and as he’s here until 2024 and Saturn is only here until December 2020, they will spend the next three years together.

While there has been the potential for change and Pluto has been spearheading change, it is Saturn who gives you the determination and discipline to see it through and the power to move mountains if you have to. While Saturn last moved through Capricorn from 1988 to 1991, this is the first time that Saturn and Pluto have been here together in our lifetime. This is important, for as the ruler of Capricorn this is where Saturn is most at home, is most effective and where his sheer power can have the greatest impact. Jupiter’s return in December 2019 will make Saturn’s final year the most powerful and 2020 is already looking like one of the power years in our lifetime. 

Another reason that this is significant, is that Uranus will begin an eight year visit to fellow Earth sign Taurus in May, a visit that will run through to 2026. As you move into three of the most powerful years ever on the Capricorn front, Uranus will be in Taurus for the majority of that time. Your Monthly Horoscopes and the Monthly Horoscope Reports will have more details on which area of your chart will be impacted.

For example: for Sagittarians, Capricorn rules your income sector and Taurus your work sector, bringing you into some powerful years on the income and job fronts. For Cancereans, you’re moving into a powerful era for friendship and relationship building.

Saturn will return to Capricorn on the 20th December, followed by the Sun on the 22nd December and Venus on the 25th December. This will give you a chance to get your bearings and get a feel for this new Capricorn era over the holiday period. With Mercury returning next month, but Mars not returning until March, with three years for things to play out, the roll out will come with no urgency.

In the meantime, apart from Mercury’s retrograde phase in Sagittarius from the 3rd December to the 23rd December, a lot of the outer planets are ‘waking up’ from their retrograde phases. Neptune turned direct in Pisces late last month and Chiron will turn direct here on the 5th December. With Uranus and Eris both turning direct in Aries early next month, they are slowing down and by the end of the month will be stationary.

The last Full Moon of 2017 will fall in the early days of the month, with the Moon moving through Gemini from the 3rd December to the 5th December and the Full Moon falling here on the 4th December. Often what is triggered on a Full Moon comes to fruition or comes full circle, when the Moon itself comes full circle. This is auspicious, for with the Moon coming full circle from the 30th December to the 1st January, what is triggered on the Full Moon in early December, will come full circle over the New Year.

Apart from Mars’ opposition with Uranus on the 1st December, there is not a lot of pressure or tension this month, but there is a lot of excitement, anticipation and a strong sense of change in the air. 2018 will see a massive amount of change, but in reality, that change will be felt this month. If anything, December belongs in 2018 rather than 2017.

All the very best for the coming month and the exciting period of change we are moving into. Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you all the information on what areas of your chart are being impacted, where, how and when and your Monthly Reports will get right down into the details.

All the very best for the coming month.

Anne Macnaughtan


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