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For the shortest month of the year, there is a lot being packed into the 28 days of February. We not only have two eclipses and some important planetary movements but the two major forces that will dominate the coming year, both reach a point this month where it becomes more about the journey.

The month literally begins with a total lunar eclipse in effect. For the majority of the world, a total lunar eclipse in Leo falls on the 31st January, but it peaks, both in terms of totality and the Full Moon itself peaking, in the early hours of the 1st February, New Zealand time. Yet wherever you are in the world, by the time you wake up and greet the first day of February, the Moon is still in Leo, the total lunar eclipse will have peaked and you will be dealing with the after effect. There is no other Full Moon in February, so these early hours of the month are an important time to remain emotionally connected to the earth’s pulse, your own inner voice and to anything the lunar eclipse will have triggered.

Having the eclipsing Full Moon in the early hours of the 1st February for some and the final hours of the 31st January for others creates a situation that can only happen in February. That situation is that the month will begin and end with the Moon in Leo. The Moon takes around 28 to 29 days to come full circle and as every month, apart from February, is either 30 or 31 days, it is impossible at any other time of the year for the Moon to start and end the month in the same sign. Even then it is not a guarantee that February will begin and end with the Moon in the same place, especially if it starts with the Moon in the early or later degrees of a sign.

The Moon returned to Leo on the 31st January and will leave on the 2nd February (New Zealand time), returning from the 27th February to the 1st March. Yet even accounting for time zones, there is no place in the world where the Moon doesn’t begin and start the month in Leo or that we are not all impacted by the fallout of the total lunar eclipse here in the final hours of January or the early hours of February. Regardless of which area of your chart is ruled by Leo, this is a fun, creative and a heart lead energy, so as well as emotional lunar energy in effect from the get go, there will be a fun, playful, romantic and creative energy that can be embraced. 

What makes both the eclipse and starting and ending the month with the Moon in Leo, is what this links into. Leo is a Fire sign and because the Moon moves through in just a few days, it will connect with every planet in the other two Fire signs, during that time. And here the timing couldn’t be better. It was on the 27th January, 16 days after all planetary activity in Sagittarius, including Saturn’s three year visit ended, that Mars returned. Mars makes no secret of the fact that he has returned to exploit all the hard work and claim the glory for what has been invested over the last three years. Mars is a planet that makes things happen and having been through Saturn’s boot camp for the last three years, you’re more than ready to exploit this as well.

What makes the timing even better is that while Uranus and Eris both turned direct in the third Fire sign Aries in early January, they’re only now starting to gain some momentum. After five months in retrograde motion, even though a planet turns direct, often it is hard to break free from the past’s suction. Things are ready to move into the Aries ruled area of your life, but they may need a push start. There is nothing better to provide that push start than a total lunar eclipse in fellow Fire sign Leo.

This creates a partnership between Mars in Sagittarius, Uranus and Eris in Aries and not just the lunar eclipse in Leo, but the North Node and Ceres, the forces behind the scenes. With Ceres in her last full month in direct motion, Mars spending the whole month in Sagittarius and the Sun, Venus and Mercury all returning to Aries next month, what the lunar eclipse at the start of the month triggers will have ongoing implications over the coming months. With Mars leaving Sagittarius on the 18th March, Uranus leaving Aries in May and the North Node leaving Leo in November, what the lunar eclipse fuses will take on a sense of urgency and a life of its own.

I will let you know about the Leo, Aries and Sagittarius ruled areas of your chart through the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes and the Monthly Horoscope Reports will provide even more details, but here is an example of what I mean by the partnership of forces in play in the Leo, Sagittarius and Aries ruled areas of your life.

For example, for the three Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) Leo, Sagittarius and Aries collectively rule the income, work and career areas of your chart. These are collectively known as the ‘making it in the world houses’. For the Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) Leo, Sagittarius and Aries collectively rule the socially connected areas of your chart, those of communication, friendship and your relationships.

There will always be a Full Moon in Leo at some point during the Sun’s month long visit to Aquarius, but as a total lunar eclipse this not only has more impact at the time but is not the flash in the pan this would normally be. There is normally no planetary activity in Leo at this time of year, so in most years, the Moon will move through, form a Full Moon and leave, with nothing for this to hold onto. Yet behind this total lunar eclipse, you not only have the North Node here until November but Ceres until June.

The second eclipse this month is a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius on the 16th February. Unlike a lunar eclipse, which occurs on a Full Moon, a solar eclipse forms on a New Moon and where the lunar eclipse was connected to the North Node in Leo, the solar eclipse is connected with the South Node in Aquarius. Eclipses fall where the lunar nodes are located, so it is as a direct result of having the lunar nodes here that we have the eclipses. However, with the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius from May 2017 to November 2018, that doesn’t mean we will have lunar and solar eclipse each month. A lunar eclipse only falls on a Full Moon and a solar eclipse only on a New Moon, so it is when we have a New or Full Moon here that there will be an eclipse.

This happened last August when the Sun was in Leo, creating a total solar eclipse in Leo and a lunar eclipse in Aquarius. Six months later this is reversed, with the lunar eclipse in Leo and the solar eclipse in Aquarius. The reason why the lunar eclipse is a total lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse is just a partial lunar eclipse is all because of how far away the lunar nodes are. The lunar eclipse falls at 11 degrees Leo and the North Node is at 14 degrees Leo at the time, just 3 degrees apart. However, the solar eclipse falls at 27 degrees Aquarius and the South Node is at 14 degrees Aquarius, 13 degrees apart. The closer the Sun and/or Moon are to the lunar nodes, the greater the shadow. This is all because the lunar nodes are the point where the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is intersected by the Moon’s orbit around the Earth.

Yet the solar eclipse on the 16th February is just as potent and especially when it comes to both new beginnings and letting the past go. The general rule of thumb with a New and Full Moon is that a New Moon is all about new beginnings and a Full Moon is all about completion. However, the North Node is connected to the future and the South Node to the past. So while the total lunar eclipse can bring things in the Leo ruled area of your chart to a completion, fruition and to a head, turning and/or tipping point, it can also open the door to major new beginnings. At the same time, while the solar eclipse in Aquarius can create the potential for fateful new beginnings, it is also a chance to release the past or bring things to fruition. For both the lunar and solar eclipses, you’re getting the best of both worlds.

With Venus in Aquarius until the 11th February, Mercury until the 18th February and the Sun until the 19th February, there will be plenty of support to seize whatever the solar eclipse triggers on the 16th February.

The eclipses might be this month’s show stoppers, but this is an important month for Jupiter and Saturn, the two planets that are creating the major themes of 2018. Both have reached the same point within days of each other and this is creating a lot of stability. Jupiter returned to Scorpio in October and Saturn returned to Capricorn just before Christmas. Jupiter, making his first visit since 2006 is here until November, making the Scorpio ruled area of your chart the most expansive and opportune, for the majority of the year. Saturn, making his first visit to Capricorn since 1991 is here for the next three years, not leaving until December 2020, making this the area of your chart where you will have to work the hardest, show up and take responsibility, but also where you’re able to take your power back.

Both Jupiter and Saturn will always have a lot of support on their return to a new area of your chart and they will also have the same support at the end of their journey. This is support from the faster moving planets, first to help get things up to speed and then eventually to bring things home. For Jupiter and the Scorpio ruled area of your chart, that early support to get things up to speed ended with Mars’ departure on the 27th January, just five days before moving into February. For Saturn in Capricorn, that support ends with Mercury’s departure in the early hours of the 1st February or those in New Zealand and for most other parts of the world on the 31st January. Either way, by the time you wake on the 1st February, no matter where you are in the world Mercury has just left. This brings you to a point where Jupiter and Saturn are now settled into their positions. For Jupiter, he will remain on his own until Venus returns in September, while Saturn not only has Pluto on his side in Capricorn, but Mars will return next month.

However, there is good news for Jupiter and the Scorpio ruled area of your chart this month. Just as things stabilise there the Sun, Mercury and Venus all return to fellow Water sign Pisces this month. Jupiter has already formed a positive trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces last year and the planets of luck and dreams will continue to work together all year. Yet the Sun, Venus and Mercury are the same planets that worked to get Jupiter’s new era off the ground, so when they return to Pisces they will know exactly how to exploit Jupiter’s support there and how they can support Jupiter in Scorpio.

For example, if you are a Libran, Scorpio rules your income sector and Pisces your work sector, creating some auspicious conditions for income and job matters. If you are a Virgo, Pisces rules your relationship sector and you have Jupiter in your communication sector.

Yet regardless of which areas of your chart are ruled by Scorpio and Pisces, as the planets start returning to Pisces, this will give lucky Jupiter a huge amount of support and that is going to create some positive conditions full stop. This starts with Venus’ return to Pisces on the 11th February, followed by Mercury’s return on the 18th February and the Sun’s return on the 19th February.

The month might start with the intensity of the total lunar eclipse in play and because a Full Moon, whether eclipsing or not is an opposition between the Sun and Moon, the potential for some tension. However, this will soon clear to reveal a stunning little month.

All the very best for the coming month and the exciting year and period of change we are moving into. Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you all the information on what areas of your chart are being impacted, where, how and when and your Monthly Reports will get right down into the details.

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All the very best for the coming month.

Anne Macnaughtan



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