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February 2020

Having begun the year with six planets in Capricorn and then to have five of them not only align less than two weeks into the year but opposite an eclipsing Full Moon in Cancer, made for an intense start to the year. Having Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn is an ongoing theme throughout 2020, so they were always going to be here at the start of the year but it was the fact that the Sun also starts the year here that saw a double up.

We don’t have that this month with the faster planets – the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Ceres having all left Capricorn and at the same time they continue to diversify or spread out, relieving last month’s intensity, without taking away the underlying power of the remaining planets in Capricorn. Last month I referred to January and especially to that period mid month as the ‘cosmic pile up’ while this month I am happy to report that the traffic is both clearing and becoming more free flowing – sort of.

There is a caveat to that in that to a small degree the brakes do come on this month, but in a way that will relieve some of the speed wobbles. On 11th January, Uranus turned direct in Taurus and Eris in Aries and as the last planets in retrograde motion, this put us into a situation where every planet in the solar system was in direct motion. This is good and I have even seen this period in any year referred to as a ‘golden’ period, where everything has the green light and everything is racing forward without restraint. From personal experience, I have found these periods a little hair raising, like being in a car without brakes, with everything going a little too fast. This is why, just a month into 2020, the New Year already seems a lifetime away.

This is why I am looking forward to Mercury’s retrograde turn on 17th February, with the first Mercury retrograde period of 2020 at least giving us a handbrake when we need it. However, this is just one reason why I am rather partial and have a sweet spot for this Mercury retrograde period. But first, let’s put this in context so that this might be a Mercury retrograde period that you look forward to as well, instead of fearing its potential for mixed messages, misunderstandings and mistakes.

When looking at 2020, even when considering that Saturn will leave for a few months from later next month, it is a given that the planetary activity in Capricorn is the overriding influence this year. This is the thing that won’t change and the one constant against an ever changing cosmic landscape. After Ceres left on 31st January Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are on their own and until Mars returns on 17th February, there is a chance to let things settle. Mars return will however, not only fire things up in the Capricorn ruled area of your chart again but a friendly aspect to Uranus in Taurus, will help energise things there as well.

Meanwhile, the faster moving planets have moved on and the month begins with Venus and Neptune in Pisces and the Sun, Mercury and Ceres in Aquarius, the latter in her first full day here in four years. This is the divide in attention the faster moving planets are focused on and there will be a lot of transference from one to the other both this month and over the coming months. Mercury will return to Pisces on 3rd/4th February (depending on where you are in the world) but what happens next is what endears me to Mercury, other than his retrograde turn on 17th February giving us access to a handbrake. What happens next is that Mercury’s retrograde turn will bring him back into Aquarius next month, just weeks before Saturn and Mars are due to return. This means it is not goodbye and there is no need to tie up loose ends when he leaves Aquarius at the start of the month.

At the same time, while the Sun will leave Aquarius on 19th February and this should leave it empty, thanks to Ceres’ return and position here until April, there will now be continuous planetary activity here until Saturn leaves in July. It has been a decade since there has been this amount of continuous planetary activity in the Aquarius ruled area of your chart, so to have Mercury retrograde back in for a double dip visit next month and Ceres to make her first visit here in four years in order to create continuity is a happy coincidence.

However, Ceres job is not just to keep the seat warm, for as the planet of nurturing, she has returned to update your needs and priorities. With major planetary activity in the Aquarius ruled part of your chart over the coming months, this is more than just a coincidence. At the start of the month what appears to be happening here is the ordinary annual update the Aquarius ruled area of your chart gets once a year but it is instead very different, with Mercury’s retrograde turn a chance to return to the drawing board next month to reconsider your options.

In the meantime, Mercury’s return to Pisces will leave Venus free to move on, which she will on 8th February, becoming the first of the faster moving planets to reach Aries this year. With the Sun not returning until later next month, this is well ahead of schedule but comes with perfect timing, with a Full Moon in fellow Fire Sign Leo a day later and just as Mars is ready to move into his final week in Fire sign Sagittarius. This will create a lot of fiery and passionate energy over the weekend of 8th/9th February, which will spill over into the following week and influence the rest of the month.

With Mercury spending the rest of the month in Pisces and then retrograding back into Aquarius next month, he won’t return to Aries until April and with the Sun not returning until 21st March, Venus will have been and gone before they both return, allowing her to play things her way.

This month’s New Moon will fall in Pisces on 24th February, just five days after Mercury’s retrograde turn here, bringing the past, present and future together.

As the faster planets continue to stretch out and venture into new areas of your chart, the year is becoming alive and last month’s cosmic pile up is becoming a distant memory. Even though this is a leap year and there are 29 instead of 28 days in February, this is still the shortest month of the year. However, what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in terms of what is being packed into its short 29 days.

This is just a brief overview of the conditions this month, with the following links providing more information in what this means for you. The February Monthly Horoscopes are now available and I will continue to go into this in the Daily and Weekly Horoscopes you can also get more detailed information through the Monthly Horoscope Reports.

All the very best for the coming month.

Anne Macnaughtan



All the very best for the coming month
Anne Macnaughtan

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