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October 2019

Firstly just some housekeeping, in terms of how to better use this Overview. The Overview won't explain how, what I am talking about below will impact you, but what this is, is the backstory to the Horoscopes. This is the story playing out in the heavens this month and when I write the Horoscopes, whether it is the Daily, Weekly or Monthly Horoscopes, I am looking at that story and then explaining how this is impacting you that day, week, etc. The hope with the Overview is to have this as a partner to the Horoscopes, so that when you do read your Horoscopes you can better understand the implications. 

Okay, now onto this month's overview of what is happening in the heavens.

I must admit, I am in shock that we are now in the final three months of the year and steering us in the face is not only the end of the year but some of the most defining astrological conditions in a generation. Something that has been spoken about in astrological circles, literally for years, an event that takes place in January 2020, is now literally just over three months away.

What I am talking about is an alignment between Pluto and Saturn, something that only happens around once every 32 to 38 years. Or at least we think. The reality is, that while Saturn has roughly a 29 year orbit so we witness and can study several of his orbits in a lifetime, Pluto was only discovered in 1930 and his nearly 250 year orbit is something no one has actually observed and is more the suspected length. In reality, there have only been three Saturn/Pluto conjunctions since Pluto was discovered in 1930, the first in 1947, again in 1982 and now the third, in January 2020.

Saturn is the planet that provides structure and Pluto is the planet of change and when they come together, the force that must change meets the force that won’t change and this is the astrological equivalent of tectonic plates colliding, aka an earthquake. Now don’t panic, this does not mean we are all going to have catastrophic shifts, because the gods are already setting things in place to create the potential for really positive change. However, this is powerful and as Saturn and Pluto will align three times over the course of 2020, this will dominate next year and especially on the global and political stage, with Capricorn ruling such things as government structures. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Pluto is his guest, so he has the ability to keep things steady. 

In addition, with Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 and Saturn since December 2017, they have been slowly coming together for nearly two years now.

Okay, so why am I talking about January 2020 when it is October 2019?

The answer is, this is the moment when the wheels start coming into motion and everything is being set up. This creates a month where, from my perspective, two things are happening. The first is the mundane, which is the faster moving planets which are starting to separate and what is starting to be set up, for January 2020 and in fact earlier than that. 

What I see is a staircase to 2020, with a series of steps taking us there and we reach the first step this month.

Okay, very quickly on a mundane level, as you can read most of the details for this in the Monthly Horoscopes. Last month we had all the faster planets – the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all come together in Virgo, something that was only possible because the first three were lapping Mars and as he is much slower, it was a given that they would overtake him and continue to move ahead. The Sun, Venus and Mercury left Virgo last month and are all in Libra by the time we move into October. Mars will join them on 4th October, but Mercury’s departure a day earlier means that it will be another two years before they are all in the same sign, at the same time again.

Mercury’s return to Scorpio on 3rd October, Venus’ on 9th October and the Sun’s return 15 days later, marks the progress from Libra to Scorpio that happens at this time each year. Mars, however, will stay in Libra and will continue to drop back. However, a Mercury retrograde turn on 31st October will give Mercury and Mars a chance to at least be in the same sign again, which will happen later next month in Scorpio.

Okay, now to the big stuff and why what is happening in Capricorn is so significant now.

This is one of those ‘how far do I go back’ dilemmas. I will go back to the beginning but in the briefest way possible. Back in 2007 Jupiter returned to Capricorn, which he does once every 12 years, so no big deal. However, it was while Jupiter was here that Pluto returned to Capricorn in 2008, for the first time in our lifetime. When Jupiter eventually left, he left Pluto behind and he has been here ever since, keeping the planet of luck and expansion’s input alive. Saturn returned in December 2017 and he brought structure to the mix and since then they have been working together. However, with Saturn and Pluto having both turned retrograde in April, they began to separate.

That has changed. On 18 September Saturn turned direct and as he is much faster than Pluto, he has turned back towards Pluto (who is further along) – as of right now, Saturn is at 14 degrees Capricorn and Pluto at 20 degrees Capricorn. Pluto is still retrograde and as Saturn begins to inch forward, he begins moving back towards Pluto. Pluto is turning direct on 3rd October (remember that date, because it’s important). Dead in the water for much of the month, but with Saturn in direct motion for 15 days by the time Pluto turns direct, this will allow the gap to close. This is the point when it is all on, the wheels are set in motion and the conjunction of a generation has been born.

We start the month with Saturn and Pluto six degrees apart and end the month with them five degrees apart. However, where we begin the month with Saturn at 14 degrees and Pluto at 20 degrees Capricorn, we end the month with Saturn at 15 degrees and Pluto at 20 degrees – so it is Saturn who is moving. By the beginning of December they will be three degrees apart, by the beginning of January just one degree apart and on 12th January, they align exactly.

Now I mentioned before that 3rd October was significant. The reason for that is that on this date Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion is exactly two months away from – you guessed it, Capricorn. Jupiter is due to return to Capricorn on 3rd December, where he will remain until December 2020. This is not just Pluto and Saturn’s show, Jupiter is having a piece of it as well. And why not, because as I said when I went back to the beginning, it was Jupiter’s return in 2007 that began what has been continuous planetary activity since then. 

This means that what we are now building towards in January 2020, though in reality will be felt by December, especially with a solar eclipse in Capricorn over Christmas, began with Jupiter’s return 12 years ago and it comes full circle, with Jupiter returning at the very point that what he set in motion,  is coming to form in the most dramatic way possible.

In the meantime, 3rd October is also the day that Jupiter will move into his final two months in Sagittarius and with the first of the faster moving planets arriving early next month, his final months are set to be the culmination of everything that has been building since his return last November.

All I can say is watch this space! It is going to be a very and I mean very interesting few months and leading into even more interesting times next year. This is a really exciting time to be an Astrologer and to be a witness to some of the most exciting astrological conditions in a generation, but also to see things that have been in motion for 12 years culminate.

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All the very best for the coming month
Anne Macnaughtan

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