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July 2020

Welcome to not only the new month but to the second half of the year and what a year it has been. While Covid 19 and the impact on the economy and our lives is still ongoing, to a large extend we now know the nature of the beast and that is how I would describe 2020, with a heavy Saturnian influence. This is very much a year when Saturn is in charge and returning to his home sign Capricorn on 2nd July that will become even more the case.

So what is a Saturnian influence? With Saturn you don’t bend life to suit you, you need to bend to suit life and you can’t take shortcuts. If you put in the hard work, show up and take responsibility you will get the rewards and if you don’t, you will be forced to repeat the lesson.

While I don’t like to brag (maybe just this once), I am so very damn proud of my little country at the moment because we played by Saturn’s rules. When Covid 19 came knocking we locked down everything and I mean everything. Our ‘team of five million’ not only stayed home, we paid the ultimate sacrifice of not being able to be there to bury our loved ones. Mums gave birth on their own in hospitals while anxious dads paced outside in the carpark, not allowed into the hospital. For five weeks even Uber eats was not a thing, no drive throughs, no restaurants, nothing. We had one of the strictest lockdowns in the world and we definitely played by Saturn’s rules. 

Now, as we move into July, here in New Zealand life is completely normal. Live sports games are being played, everything is open, there are no restrictions and there are no cases, apart from those in quarantine at the border. Our borders are closed and only Kiwis can come home, after first staying in managed isolation for two weeks. We are playing and following the rules and there is no doubt that if we didn’t, what is happening everywhere else in the world would happen here.

I am not saying this to brag but to use this as an example of what a Saturnian influence is and in areas of your life where you are being asked to take the hard rather than the easy road, the rewards will be there. Not necessarily because that is what Saturn does but because when Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn on 2nd July it will be to join Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion there.

Saturn is just one of the many planets in retrograde motion this month, retrograding out of Aquarius and back into Capricorn where Jupiter and Pluto are both already in retrograde motion.

There are so many planets in retrograde motion that it is easier to count the number of planets in direct motion, which isn’t many. Not counting the dwarf planets and asteroids, the only planets in direct motion as we move into July are Venus, Mars and Uranus and for Venus, this is a case of ‘just’. Venus only turned direct on 25th June so is barely moving. When you count the Sun, who in reality doesn’t move but from our perspective does and only ever forward, then there are just four planets in direct motion.

Mercury, who retrogrades three times a year will turn direct in Cancer on 12th July, but with the dwarf planet Ceres turning retrograde in Pisces on 7th July and the dwarf planet Eris turning retrograde in Aries on 21st July, the trend of being pulled us back will continue. 

Until late last month, the pull from the past was extreme and for many, it may have felt like wading through molasses, with everything feeling heavier and harder. When a planet is in retrograde motion they want you to slow down and reflect and when over half the solar system does this, it has an impact.

Yet by the time we move into July, you might be noticing a difference. There are just as many planets in retrograde motion but there is a new energy and vitality in the air and that is helping to balance things out. To a point where you might start feeling more alive and invigorated, ready to push the ‘reset’ button as we move into the second half of the year.

So what has changed?

The answer is Mars, with the planet that gives us our passions, drive, warrior and competitive spirit and also our vitality and get up and go, having returned to Aries on 28th June. Every planet loves being back in their home sign. It is like us when we get home from a hard day, where we can kick off our shoes and just be ourselves. For Mars, being himself means firing up your enthusiasm and getting excited about things.

As Mars normally spends around six weeks in each sign, July should be his first, last and only full month back in Aries but while there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm there is little urgency. That is because while Mars returned on 28th June he won’t leave until January 2021, spending the whole second half of the year in Aries. This is Mars’ longest visit to Aries in 32 years and this just could be a game changer.

I started out by saying that this is Saturn’s year and then that over half the solar system was in retrograde motion, putting the brakes on and while that is still the case, Mars has returned to balance this out. Saturn is slow, heavy and demands that we play by the rules, while a host of planets in retrograde motion are all asking us to slow down.

Mars can be full of hot headed enthusiasm, he is warlike and can cause us to become impulsive and take risks. Yet when you not only have a heavy Saturn influence but when Saturn is one of the many planets in retrograde motion, Mars is the counterbalance. Mars will be held in check by Saturn and by the number of planets in retrograde motion but he is also balancing this out to ensure things don’t become too bogged down.

The last thing to draw your attention to is this month’s New and Full Moons, which are both different from the norm for different reasons. The first is the Full Moon in Capricorn on 5th July, just three days after Saturn returned. While the South Node left Capricorn in May, it is still close enough to create a lunar eclipse. This is only a partial eclipse so is not intense as far as eclipsing Full Moons go, but with Saturn having freshly returned I am keeping an open mind about this.

Meanwhile, while the New Moon on 21st July (New Zealand and Australian time but 20th July elsewhere) is not an eclipse it is a repeat. It was just hours after the Sun returned to Cancer last month that the Moon returned to create an eclipsing New Moon. Because the Sun is in Cancer for a month and it only takes the Moon 28 days to come full circle, it will return to create a second New Moon.

Now there is one other significant event that I have forgotten to mention and that is the Sun’s return to Leo on 22nd July. While the Sun returns to Leo at this time every year, I am excited about this for several reasons. Firstly, as a Fire sign and ruled by the Sun, with so much Saturn influence this will brighten life up. With Mars back in Fire sign Aries, this will put them on the same page and energise both even more than they already are. There has been no planetary activity in Leo since mid 2019 so this will bring some much needed diversity.

This is just a brief overview of the conditions this month, with the following links providing more information in what this means for you. The Monthly Horoscopes are now available and I will continue to go into this in the Daily and Weekly Horoscopes but you can also get more detailed information through the Monthly Horoscope Reports.

This Overview is simply my chance to tell you what the planets are doing each month and not how this will impact you, which I will do through the Horoscopes. However, the Monthly Horoscope Reports will provide a lot more information and detail into exactly where, when and how this will impact you.

All the very best for the coming month and the the second half of the year.

Anne Macnaughtan

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