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As we move into the final four months of the year there are a lot of things starting to move and come together. By early last month there were eight planets in retrograde motion, creating a giant gridlock in the middle part of the year, but now the planets are one by one opening up. It only began on the 19th August, when Mercury turned direct. It was followed by Mars’ direct turn on the 28th August and continues with Saturn’s direct turn on the 6th September. While there may still be five planets in retrograde motion, there are now just as many, if not more in direct motion and the ones that matter, are in direct motion in the right places.

This is just part of the reason why the pace is set to pick up this month. Another reason is that it is time to start bringing things home and that is especially so for Jupiter, who moves into his final two months in Scorpio on the 9th September. This just happens to be the same day that Venus returns for what should be a 24 day visit, aimed at engaging your heart and triggering the laws of attraction. Instead, Venus will turn retrograde next month, something that will not only stop her from moving on, but will see her retrograde back out in the early hours of November. By the time Venus returns in early December Jupiter will be gone, but here then until early January, she becomes both the first planet to begin the process of bringing things home and the last planet to eventually tie up loose ends.

If that pattern of returning to an area of your chart, turning retrograde, retrograding back out and then returning for a double dip visit sounds familiar, that’s because it is and is being mirrored across several areas of your chart. Less obvious with Uranus and Chiron, mainly because they move so slowly and we’re not aware of the shifts. It is also happening with Mars and Mercury, which is more obvious and more unusual.

Every planet, apart from the Sun, spends time in retrograde motion. Mercury turns retrograde three times a year and every planet from Jupiter out turns retrograde once a year, while Venus and Mars are the only planets that only turn retrograde every other year. For the outer planets, which are those from Chiron and Uranus outwards, because they move so slowly, they can never get far enough into a new sign without their retrograde turns taking them back out again. For Mercury, Venus and Mars this is less common, yet all three are doing just that between now and the end of the year.

Uranus left Aries and returned to Taurus in May. Yet it was his retrograde turn last month that means he’s on track to retrograde back out in November, finally returning again next March. Chiron left Pisces and returned to Aries in April, but his retrograde turn will see him retrograde back in on the 26th September. There he will join Neptune, who has been in retrograde motion in Pisces since June.

Mars returned to Aquarius in May, but retrograded back out and back into Capricorn last month, only to turn direct again on the 28th August. This will see Mars finally leave Capricorn and return to Aquarius on the 11th September, to begin another two month visit. Mars had already been here for three months before retrograding back out of Aquarius, but here now until the 16th November, he’s back for another two months. Considering that Mars will usually spend just six weeks here, every other year, this is a huge advantage.

When Mars returns to Aquarius on the 11th September he’ll have already spent three months firing things up, the last six weeks of that visit in retrograde motion. Mars will return in direct motion, fired up and with the 20/20 hindsight and experience needed to make his double dip visit count.

The same thing is happening with Venus, for while she will leave Libra and return to Scorpio on the 9th November, she will retrograde back in on the 1st November. Staying in Libra from the 1st November to the 3rd December and then returning to Scorpio until the 8th January 2019, Venus might leave this month but she hasn’t finished and might start a new journey, but won’t finish that until the New Year. 

Even Mercury, while he finally leaves Leo on the 6th September and will quickly move through Virgo and Libra, will return to Scorpio next month and start slowing down. Mercury will leave Scorpio and return to Sagittarius on the 31st October, just days before Jupiter returns, but will then retrograde back in Scorpio again. Between now and the end of the year, apart from the normal passage of the Sun through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and into Capricorn just before Christmas, we have Venus, Mercury and Mars not just moving on, but moving backward and forwards through the same areas of your chart.

When I see that happening I always look at why and when you can see where this is happening, it makes sense. Mars is spending his time between Capricorn and Aquarius, Venus between Libra and Scorpio and Mercury between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Saturn turns direct in Capricorn on the 6th September and this is essentially a waking up of the Capricorn ruled area of your chart. Mars will be there to see that happen while returning to Aquarius to not only take up from where he left off but from where he’s able to support all the planetary activity unfolding in Libra this month.

Venus will divide her time between Libra and Scorpio between now and the end of the year and Mercury will eventually divide his time between Scorpio and Sagittarius. These three areas of your chart have a strong association with Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion. Jupiter left Libra last September and Venus is spending as much time here as possible this year, in order to capitalise on all the untapped potential. Jupiter is leaving Scorpio in November, with both Venus and Mercury working to capitalise on that, while the planet of luck and expansion is returning to Sagittarius on the 9th November.

Even Uranus, who is travelling backward and forwards between Taurus and Aries and Chiron, who is travelling backward and forwards between Aries and Pisces, are involved in this. From his position in Taurus, Uranus has been supporting Saturn in Capricorn, while he will return to Aries in time to support Jupiter’s return to Sagittarius in November. At the same time, Chiron will retrograde back into Pisces on the 26th September, in time to support Jupiter’s final six weeks in Scorpio.

Planets turn retrograde every year and Venus and Mars every other year, but what creates the vibrancy in the final four months of this year is that those retrograde phases aren’t just happening in one area of your chart, but are spread around multiple areas. Yet as they do, they are supporting Jupiter and Saturn, the two most powerful planets in the solar system. Whether in his final two months in Scorpio or as he prepares to return to Sagittarius in November, Jupiter is surrounded by support, as is Saturn in Capricorn. Mars has even returned for a rare double dip visit to Capricorn, in order to support Saturn as the tide turns. 

Even the more mundane aspects in play are supporting this. The Sun, who always spends the first three weeks of September in Earth ruled Virgo, is here when Saturn turns direct in Earth ruled Capricorn, along with Uranus, in Earth ruled Taurus. Even the New Moon in Virgo on the 10th September falls in Mars’ last full day in Capricorn. Then when Mercury returns to Air Libra on the 22nd September and the Sun on the 23rd September, they’ll then support Mars, who will be back in Air ruled Aquarius by then. Even Juno is getting in on this supportive environment, returning to Air ruled Gemini on the 30th September.

Even this month’s Full Moon in Fire ruled Aries on the 25th September comes with perfect timing. This falls a day before Chiron retrogrades back into Aries on the 26th September and comes just over six weeks before Jupiter is due to return to Fire ruled Sagittarius and as the North Node is moving into its final six weeks in Fire ruled Leo. The planets are playing musical chairs this month, but in a way that is seeing the pace pick up and a lot of unity starts to build. Even the Water signs are represented, with Chiron retrograding back into Water ruled Pisces, as Jupiter moves into his final six weeks in Water ruled Scorpio.

There is a lot of change in the air this month, signs of movement of things starting to come together, but all in a way that suggests the planets are working together to support each other. This movement of the stars is often referred to as the ‘choreography of the spheres’ and that is especially so, not just this month, but throughout the final months of 2018. September is the gateway into the exciting finale to the year.

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All the very best for the coming month.

Anne Macnaughtan

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