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June 2020

Even before 2020 began I knew, as did every other Astrologer on the planet, that the year was going to get off to an intense and powerful start and that this would herald a period of major change. No one knew what that change would be because Astrology is an understanding of the energies in play and not how they will manifest. However, while I can only speak for myself, I thought this would all be revealed at the start of the year and then we would get the ordinary year that we would normally expect.

What made January 2020 such a game changer is that the year began with Saturn and Pluto aligned, something that happens once every four decades and last happened in 1982. This is a major reset that comes along once, twice or in some cases three times in a lifetime and this can usher in major societal and personal change. What made the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January something that we had literally been anticipating for years is that while when Saturn, the planet of structure and Pluto, the planet of change and revolution come together something has to shift. However, the other factor is that for the first and only time in our lifetime it was happening in Capricorn, which is not only Saturn’s home sign and therefore giving him the hometown advantage, but a Cardinal sign.

The signs of the zodiac are divided into seasons, three signs in spring, three in summer, three in autumn and three in winter. Each season is made of up of three signs and each has a role – the first sign is the Cardinal sign and as the first sign of a new season it ushers in change and new beginnings. The word Cardinal comes from the Greek word ‘pivot’ and the Cardinal signs represent a pivot away from one season to the next. The Fixed signs are the middle signs and they don’t like change and in the height of a season everything is locked in. The third sign in each season are the mutable signs and where the Cardinal signs usher in change, Mutable signs prepare for upcoming change.

So when Saturn and Pluto aligned in Capricorn, this ushered in or set in motion the wheels of change. What I had expected was that this would be it, everything would be revealed and life would go back to normal. What I hadn’t expected was that once unleashed, that change would continue and that instead of an ordinary year we have continual change and evolution. The birth of anything new can be challenging but this is a breaking away from the past in order to welcome in the new.

Meanwhile, three things set June part from the ordinary conditions that we would expect at this time every year and they are the number of planets in retrograde motional, the eclipses that are starting and the number of planets that at a ‘square’ aspect to each other.

A square aspect is when the two planets in question are at a 90 degree angle to each other. This is a hard aspect that applies pressure but is different from an opposition, when both planets are pushing against each other and as this is usually in two very different areas of your life, this can create tension and stress. I look at conjunctions (when two planets are aligned) and oppositions (when they are directly opposite each other, on opposite sides of the sky) as pivot points, when something is born, is created or has to give way. Trines and squares are action points that allow the planets to feed off each other for their own means. When planets are at a ‘trine’ aspect they are 120 degrees apart and this is a friendly aspect, where things flow smoothly for both planets and the areas of your chart they move through. A square comes with pressure but not the kind that tends to create stress but more a call to action, the push to do something. The quote I like to use is ‘trines make you lazy but squares get things done’.

So while there are a lot of squares this month, when I see a month with this many squares I know that things are going to get done.

Meanwhile, while the month begins with four planets in retrograde motion and will end with five planets in retrograde motion at one point there will be six planets in retrograde motion. This is half the planets in the solar system in retrograde motion, not only going back over old ground but slowly down considerably, making their influence a lot more intense. The planets in retrograde motion at the start of the month are Saturn in Aquarius, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn and Venus in retrograde motion in Gemini. They will be joined by Mercury, who will turn retrograde in Cancer on 18th June and by Neptune, who will turn retrograde in Pisces on 23rd June.

It is from Neptune’s retrograde turn on 23rd June to Venus’ direct turn on 25th June that there will be six planets in retrograde motion.

Just to add more wildcards and intensity to the month we not only have two eclipses this month but in the month from 5th June to 6th July there will be three eclipses and they are a varied bunch. Eclipses happen when a New or Full Moon falls close to the lunar nodes. The lunar nodes aren’t objects and are instead the point where the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is intersected by the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. Because they are crossing paths at that point, if there is a New or Full Moon they literally cast a shadow onto each other, creating an eclipse.

What makes this series of eclipses so varied –the eclipse on 6th June falling in Sagittarius, the solar eclipse on 21st June in Cancer and the lunar eclipse on 5th July in Capricorn, is that the lunar nodes have just shifted. On 5th May the North Node left Cancer and moved back into Gemini and the South Node left Capricorn and moved back into Sagittarius. However, while the lunar nodes have changed signs they move incredibly slowly so whether the Moon is in Capricorn, Sagittarius or Cancer it is still creating an eclipse. Both lunar nodes are partial eclipses and fairly shallow ones at that. In the lunar eclipse on 6th June the Moon and South Node are 14 degrees apart and at most, we will notice that the Moon has a light red colour.

The lunar eclipse in early July is also 14 degrees apart so again, this will be a shallow partial eclipse but they will both still be a lot more powerful than an ordinary Full Moon.

It is a very different story for the solar eclipse in Cancer on 21st June, right on the summer/winter solstice. While the North Node left Cancer on 5th May this New Moon, which falls just a few hours after the Sun’s return has the Moon and North Node just 02 degrees apart – this is a total solar eclipse and right on the solstice, with the Sun having just arrived a few hours before and all that had been building there during the 18 months the North Node was here, is set to be a blockbuster.

Solar eclipses are powerful New Moons so can usher in major new beginnings and as Cancer is also a cardinal sign, this could usher in change but because of the history here, it will be less about drawing in anything new and more about change that comes because everything until now has reached a point where it is ready to change. This could be a major catalyst.

The final event of significance this month is Mars’ return to Aries on 28th June. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries so for him, this is when he gets to come home, can put his foot to the gas to his heart’s content and he can let rip. Mars is a planet of action and as the warrior planet of the cosmos, the six to seven weeks that he will spend in Aries, on average every 22 months, are some of the most dynamic and often most volatile. Mars might be the planet of war but this is less about what is happening geopolitically and more a chance to declare war on the things and in the areas of our own lives where we can take our power back.

What makes Mars’ return on 28th June significant is that he only left in February 2019, just 16 months ago. As Mars will normally return every 22 months and then spend six to seven weeks here, this means that he has raced to get back and it also means that once he is here he won’t be leaving anytime soon. Arriving this early means that we are preparing for a Mars retrograde phase, the first in Aries in 32 years. Once here, Mars won’t leave until January 2021, spending the rest of the year here. Mars will eventually turn retrograde but not until September and while half the solar system is in retrograde motion, he will have his foot on the gas during the middle months of the year. What also makes this significant is that Aries is also a Cardinal sign.

This is just a brief overview of the conditions this month, with the following links providing more information in what this means for you. The Monthly Horoscopes are now available and I will continue to go into this in the Daily and Weekly Horoscopes but you can also get more detailed information through the Monthly Horoscope Reports.

This Overview is simply my chance to tell you what the planets are doing each month and not how this will impact you personally, which I will do through the Horoscopes. However, the Monthly Horoscope Reports will provide a lot more information and detail into exactly where, when and how this will impact you.

Finally, a heads up that I will be opening up the Mid Year Personal Chart and Roadmap to 2021 Report special in the next two weeks, for the period from mid 2020 to mid 2021. Both the Roadmap Report and the Personal Chart will pick up on 1st July, just a few days after Mars’ return to Aries. This will take you through the rest of this year and into the first six months of 2021, a period when Jupiter and Saturn will be making some major changes. I won’t put the link to this here as while this is in the Shop, it is still at the full price of $125 and these are about to go on special for just $50. I will send an email to let you know when the special is open, but if you want to put your name down on the early bird list, I can send you an email a day before it goes public, so you can go to the front of the queue. Just email

All the very best for the coming month and these uncertain but also extraordinary times.

Anne Macnaughtan

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