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Two things make June a very different month to May and for those here in New Zealand, I am not talking the sudden drop in temperature. Though I have to admit that it is changing the very atmosphere and energy in the air, at the same time that I know that the solar system has finished its roller coaster ride and is now settling down.

The first point of difference is the lack of movement. Last month saw the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and even Uranus change sign, with all bar Mercury all changing signs in one hectic seven day period. This month the only movements are the Sun, Mercury and Venus and even then, it will be spread out over the course of the month, with Venus changing signs on the 14th June, the Sun on the 21st June and Mercury on the 29th June, almost a week apart.

The second point of difference is the speed of the planets. We have two planets turning retrograde this month, another next month and we have Jupiter turning direct early next month. Any planet has to first come to a standstill in order to turn either direct or retrograde, so we have four planets that are slowing to a crawl and will be near stationary at some point, mainly towards the end of the month. The first planet to turn retrograde is Neptune on the 19th June. This will be followed six days later by Mars’ retrograde turn on the 27th June, with Jupiter turning direct and Mercury turning retrograde next month.

With a series of eclipses in July and August, June is shaping up to be the slow and less changeable month that we all need. Apart from some tension between the planets returning to Cancer and Pluto and Saturn on the other side of the sky in Capricorn, there is also a lot of harmony this month.

The month begins with Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in a rare grand trine, the first and last in our lifetime between Venus in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. These are the three Water signs and it is that watery triad, which includes the planets of luck and dreams in the mix that gets the month off to an auspicious start. With all three at nearly the exact degree during the early days of the month – that is 15/16 degrees Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, those areas of your chart are especially blessed. Yet if this is the gateway into a more stable and settled month and a month that is a lot less hurried, I couldn’t imagine a better one. 

I will quickly go through what is a spread out chart this month. When I write the Monthly Horoscopes Reports I have a section for each area of the chart that is active each month. Usually, there are around eight active areas and sometimes there are as few as seven. Obviously for me, as I have to write them I love it when there are fewer areas, but with 10 active areas this month I have been busy on these this month. If you aren’t yet subscribed to get your Monthly Horoscope Report each month – click here

Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you all the information on what areas of your chart are being impacted, but here is a general run down of the 10 areas that are active this month.


In Gemini, we still have the Sun and Mercury. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of June in Gemini, so the solar spotlight will always be on this area of your chart at this time of year. Mercury only returned on the 30th May, but leaving on the 13th June he is here for just 14 days. Mercury will miss the New Moon here on the 14th June, but he’ll leave you with the intellectually savvy edge and articulation needed to make it count. Once the Sun leaves here on the 21st June there will be no more planetary activity until next year. Best of all, this year Saturn is not in opposition.


Cancer – The Sun will always return to Cancer around the 21st June each year, but this year you begin the month with Venus already here. While Venus will leave on the 14th June, with Mercury returning on the 13th June he’ll take over from where she left off. While Mercury will leave on the 29th June, with the Sun returning on the 21st June he’ll be there to pass the baton onto. That won’t be the case next month when the Sun leaves, making this the only month this year where there is planetary activity in the Cancer ruled area of your chart all month. The bad news is, Saturn is in opposition.


Leo – When Venus returns to Leo on the 14th June she will team up with the North Node and Ceres, both still there from when she left last year. When Mercury returns on the 29th June he’ll already be slowing down, with a retrograde turn next month keeping him here for over two months, compared to the just 14 days he’s spent in Gemini and the 16 days he’ll spend in Cancer.


Ceres, dwarf planet and the queen of nurturing returns to Virgo on the 28th June and while this won’t put a lot of focus on the Virgo ruled area of your chart, with Venus returning early next month this will be a stepping stone. The good news for Ceres and the Virgo ruled area of your chart is that she returns to find Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn, ending the month with an Earth triad in play.


Mars’ return to Aquarius last month means that the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos should be on his way by the end of the month. Mars will normally spend six weeks in each area of your chart. However, on the 27th June, exactly six weeks after returning, Mars will instead turn retrograde. Mars will retrograde back out in August, only to return in September to start again, not leaving until November. There is a lot due to happen here over the coming months.


Jupiter is spending his last full month in retrograde motion in Scorpio, with his direct turn on the 11th July marking the point where the planet of luck and expansion will move into his final phase, that of bringing things home. This final month in retrograde motion is a chance to retrace your steps and as Jupiter comes to a standstill ahead of his direct turn, catch your breath. Jupiter starts the month in a grand trine with Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, creating positive conditions on all three fronts.


Neptune, now on his own in Pisces after Chiron left in April, is basking in the support of Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio. With the Sun and Mercury both returning to Cancer this month, that support will only continue. Slowing down ahead of his retrograde turn on the 19th June, this dreamy planet will spend the majority of the month at a near standstill, but surrounded by support. There will be a rosy hue over the Pisces ruled area of your chart.


In Capricorn, we have Saturn and Pluto, both in retrograde motion and having a mixed month. On one hand they have the support of Uranus, spending his first full month in Taurus in eight decades, but on the other hand, they will both face oppositions from the Sun, Mercury and Venus moving through Cancer. This might create some tension but is to be expected. With Saturn in Capricorn until 2020 and Pluto until 2024, as the Sun, Mercury and Venus move into Cancer once a year they are going to move into opposition.


Uranus’ return to Taurus last month put all last month’s planetary shifts to shame. The Sun, Mercury and Venus change signs once a month and Mars typically every six weeks. What made last month more extreme is that they all did it within days of each other. Uranus is a whole new story. Last in Taurus from 1935 to 1942, apart from a break from November 2018 to March 2019, he is here until 2026. In that time Uranus will be on good terms with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This will balance out any short term pressure they are under.


When Uranus left Aries last month he left behind Eris, here since 1926, Chiron who returned in April and Juno, who will leave on the 1st July. Astrologically everything that moves in the heavens is referred to as a planet and that includes the Sun and Moon. However, technically Eris, Juno and Chiron are a dwarf planet, a comet and an asteroid. So we’re not talking major influences, but they are keeping the wheels moving and the momentum going after Uranus left last month, as I explain in the Monthly Reports.

In closing:

The end of June is the halfway point in the year and while I didn’t have the time to do this last year, I will be opening up the Midyear Personal Chart special, which will come with the free ‘Roadmap to 2019 Report’. I will send an email out in the next few days when I have opened this up.

All the very best for the coming month and the exciting period of change we are moving into. Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you all the information on what areas of your chart are being impacted, where, how and when and your Monthly Reports will get right down into the details.

All the very best for the coming month.
Anne Macnaughtan

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