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Despite the fact that we had two eclipses last month, we still have one more to go. However, the solar eclipse on the 11th August is different and fortunately a lot less challenging. It was last month’s solar eclipse in Cancer that was the outlier and with the North Node not due to return there until early November, this was more a glimpse into the crystal ball. Normally we have two eclipses, a solar and lunar eclipse, always in pairs and always two weeks apart. The only time you can have a third eclipse is when the lunar nodes are about to leave or return to a sign and that was the case with the solar eclipse in Cancer last month.

This was in addition to the total lunar eclipse in Aquarius late last month and the solar eclipse in Leo on the 11th August, where the South and North Nodes are currently located. Solar eclipses, because they are an alignment between the Sun and Moon, as opposed to an opposition during an eclipsing Full Moon, are not usually challenging. Last month’s solar eclipse was, because the Sun was in opposition with Pluto, in Capricorn at the time. Yet as this was the first sign of major new developments in the Cancer ruled area of your chart from early November, this was a timely wakeup call.

The lunar eclipse in Aquarius late last month was made more challenging by the fact that the Sun was not only in opposition with the Moon in Aquarius, but with Mars as well. By the time the Sun and Moon align to create the solar eclipse in Leo on the 11th August, Mars will no longer be in Aquarius and therefore there won’t be an opposition or the challenges.

However, while Mars will retrograde back out of Aquarius on the 13th August he is not moving on and will return on the 11th September to start over from the very start again, spending another two months there before finally leaving in November. Mars’ departure comes just 10 days before the Sun is due to leave Leo on the 23rd August, taking away the pressure between the Leo and the Aquarius ruled areas of your chart. With Mercury in retrograde motion in Leo until the 19th August and not due to leave until the 6th September, this smart, articulate and intellectually savvy planet is here all month and is in no hurry.

However, when Mercury leaves early next month this will end a continuous run of planetary activity that began in July 2017 and with the North Node leaving on the 7th November, his final weeks will be all about tying up loose ends. By the time Mars returns to Aquarius on the 11th September Mercury will be gone and with no more planets in Leo, the pressure of recent months will be behind you. Mars’ opposition with the Sun late last month was his last with any planet this year and in fact, his next will be an opposition with Jupiter next May.

The total lunar eclipse and Mars opposition with the Sun late last month has finally blown the lid off a lot of the tension. It wasn’t just the tension between Mars and the planets moving through Leo that has created pressure over recent months, but before that, as the planets moved through Cancer they moved into opposition with Saturn, in Capricorn for the first time in three decades.

Mars will retrograde back into Capricorn for a rare double dip visit from 13th August to the 11th September, in retrograde motion until the 28th August. However, with no more planets in Cancer there will be no more oppositions. Instead, with Uranus and Juno in Taurus and the Sun returning to Virgo on the 23rd August, there will be nothing but support for Mars, with these three Earth ruled areas of your chart working in harmony.

With Uranus turning retrograde in Taurus on the 8th August, for the first time here since 1940, when Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn he will find the doors already open to the past and second chances on both fronts. With Saturn in his last full month in retrograde motion in Capricorn and Mars in retrograde motion there until the 28th August, Mars will be well supported during this rare double dip visit. This is the first time that Mars has left Capricorn, done a U turn and come back for a double dip visit since 1954. Just to have Uranus in Taurus and planetary activity in Virgo all month makes it a lot more significant this time.

Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you all the information on what areas of your chart are being impacted, where, how and when and your Monthly Reports will get right down into the details.

However, for example:

For the Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) this plays out on the income, work and career fronts. Mars will retrograde back for a double dip visit to your work sector, to find Uranus in retrograde motion in your career sector and the planets moving through Virgo, creating the potential for new income opportunities.

For the Water Signs, this will play out between your communication, friendship and relationship sectors.

While there are still a lot of planets in retrograde motion this month, Jupiter is spending his first full month in direct motion in Scorpio. Having turned direct on the 11th July, Jupiter is starting to gain traction, but won’t move out of his shadow until early September. By that I mean Jupiter is still retracing his steps and won’t move into new ground, not covered before, until next month. It is Venus’ return to Scorpio early next month and the fact that she will stay for two months that gives you another month to get your bearings and slowly gain momentum.

Where the last few months have been dominated by quite a few planetary oppositions, this month hosts two major positive aspects and they both begin on the same day, the 13th August. The 13th August is the same day Mars will retrograde back out of Aquarius, taking away any remaining pressure between the Aquarius and Leo ruled area of your chart. To have two major trine aspects begin on the same day, will see the cosmic conditions dramatically improve.

The first is between Jupiter and Neptune and is a repeat. It was Jupiter’s return to Scorpio last October that put him at a friendly aspect to Neptune, in fellow Water sign Pisces. They moved into a positive trine position in December and then again in June. They will come together again from the 13th August to the 23rd August, for the last time between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces in our lifetime.

The second is a trine aspect between Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, from the 13th August to 15th September. The reason why this will be exact for so long is that Saturn will have retrograded back to 02 degrees Capricorn by then and this is where he’ll turn direct early next month. At the same time Uranus turns retrograde at 02 degrees Taurus on the 8th August and will stay at 02 degrees until mid September. The last time that Saturn was even in Capricorn at the same time that Uranus was in Taurus was in 1519, with their trine aspect from the 13th August definitely a once in a lifetime experience. To have the faster moving planets moving through Virgo at the time, will help you capitalise on that.

Another planet up to something special this month is Venus. To start with there is nothing unusual about Venus’ return to Libra on the 7th August, other than how early in the year this is. Venus returns to Libra once a year, but normally at the same time as the Sun. By the time Venus returns the Sun is nearly seven weeks away and that is the reason for what comes next.

Had Venus returned closer to the Sun, she would have moved through Libra in 24 days and wouldn’t return for another year. However, there are rules governing how far ahead of the Sun Venus and Mercury can get and when they reach the limits of those rules they are pulled back. This is the reason why Mercury is in retrograde motion this month. However, unlike Mercury, who turns retrograde three times a year, Venus only turns retrograde every other year.

Venus won’t turn retrograde here this month and will leave on the 9th September without turning retrograde. Yet the fact that Venus is in Libra from the 7th August to the 9th September is a sign that something is up. Venus normally moves through in 24 days, so to have Venus here for 33 days is not the norm. However, this doesn’t mean you just get to have the planet that can attract opportunities on board for an additional nine days. It means that Venus is slowing down and that means she is preparing for a retrograde turn.

Venus won’t turn retrograde until the 6th October, four weeks after leaving, but that retrograde turn means she will return for a double dip visit from the 1st November to the 3rd November, in retrograde motion during her first 15 days back. From the moment Venus returns she knows this is more a practice run and that she will return for a double dip visit. Venus’ first visit will end before the Sun returns on the 23rd September and her second visit will start after the Sun leaves. This allows Venus to get in first and then after the fact, giving her both the first and last say in what will happen here in the Libra ruled area of your chart this year.

After writing Horoscopes for over 20 years I have long since seen these retrograde phases as a coincidence, because they always come with such auspicious timing. By that I mean that they just happen to happen in the right place at the right time. Venus won’t just visit Libra twice and spend time in retrograde motion here, but this will impact the Scorpio ruled area of your chart as well. Venus will return to Scorpio on the 9th September, but instead of moving on will turn retrograde on the 16th October, eventually retrograding back out on the 1st November. Venus will then leave Libra and return to Scorpio on the 3rd December, where she will be until the 8th January 2019.

So what is so special about the Libra and Scorpio ruled area of your chart that Venus, who will normally spend 48 days crossing both, will instead spend five months. The answer to that is just one word – Jupiter. Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion left Libra last October, with the months rather than weeks Venus will spend here this year, allowing her to exploit what will be a huge amount of untapped potential. At the same time Jupiter is in Scorpio until the 9th November, with Venus here during the majority of his final two months, while returning after he leaves to spend another month, making sure every opportunity is exploited.

Venus will also connect with Mars in his final days in Aquarius this month and again when they come together in November. In his return to Pisces in early November, Mars will once again connect with Venus, this time in Scorpio. Venus, Mars and Jupiter are up to something and this can only be good news for all of us, especially in the Aquarius, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces ruled area of your chart. It is between the Scorpio and Pisces ruled areas of your chart that Jupiter and Neptune come together this month. It is all interconnected.

Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you all the information on what areas of your chart are being impacted, where, how and when and your Monthly Reports will get right down into the details. However, as an example if you are an Aquarian, Scorpio and Pisces are your career and income sectors, while for Libra and Aquarius they are your communication and relationship sectors. When there is planetary activity in complementary elemental signs (Water, Fire, Earth or Air), the planets involved work as a team.

Coincidently, if there is such a thing anymore, the first Full Moon in two months that is not a lunar eclipse falls in Pisces on the 26th August. While all Full Moons are an opposition between the Sun and Moon and this is an opposition between the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces, there isn’t the intensity of an eclipse. In addition, the Sun is being supported by Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus and Juno in Taurus. At the same time, the Moon is being supported by lucky Jupiter, with their alignment ending just three days earlier.

With so many planets either in retrograde motion, in their early weeks in direct motion or slowing down ahead retrograde turns, there isn’t a lot of urgency this month and there definitely isn’t the intensity or the pressure. Apart from the shock of realising that it is August already, this is a month that I am really looking forward to. After some turbulent months, things settle back dramatically this month.

Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you all the information on what areas of your chart are being impacted, where, how and when and your Monthly Reports will get right down into the details.

All the very best for the coming month.

Anne Macnaughtan

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