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June 2019

As I begin to write this month’s Overview, I have had my fingers poised over the keyboard for some time, pondering whether to start with the good or the bad news.

I have decided to go with the bad news first, not just so we can get this out of the way and get onto the good stuff and more because I can see that underneath, it is all good news. I also believe that to be forewarned is to be forearmed and as most of the bad news falls within a small window, in fact within a seven day period, that there is time to strap in and prepare for what lies ahead.

The bad news is that we have some major oppositions coming up, made more severe due to the fact that Saturn and Pluto are just 04 degrees apart and this is compressing everything into a short time frame. This means we will experience a double whammy, as Mars moves into opposition with both Saturn and Pluto within the space of just a few days, with the impact of both overlapping. This will exacerbate the tension and pressure, while at the same time speeding up the process so that it doesn’t linger.

Mars moves into opposition with Saturn and Pluto once every two years, but as this is the first time that Saturn and Pluto have been in the same sign at the same time in decades, this is happening in conjunction. When Mars last opposed Saturn in May 2017, Mars was moving through Gemini and Saturn was in Sagittarius, while Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. This means that Mars hasn’t been able to move through Cancer without moving into opposition with Pluto in Capricorn in 11 years. They moved into opposition here in March 2008, August 2009, August 2011, July 2013, July 2015, July 2017 and now again, in June 2009. And they will continue to move into opposition once every two years here until Pluto, the planet of change and revolution leaves Capricorn in 2024.

Mars is the planet of war and Pluto is the planet of revolution and by the time they move into opposition they’re ready for a fight. A Mars/Pluto opposition on its own isn’t too bad as they are evenly matched, with the planets of war and revolution both revelling in a chance to engage in a battle. However, this is the first time that Mars has opposed Saturn in Capricorn, his home sign in three decades and it will be another three decades before they clash here again and it happens virtually on top of Mars’ opposition with Pluto.

Mars is the warrior planet of the cosmos but facing an opposition with both Saturn and Pluto within days of each other, is going to create some tension and as this will build for several days either side and take several days to ease off, they overlap.

Mars will move into opposition with Saturn on 14th/15th June and with Pluto on 19th/20th June but with Mercury in opposition with Saturn on 16th/17th June and with Pluto on 19th/20th June and especially when you throw in a Full Moon on 17th June, this creates a very intense seven day period, starting midmonth.

This gives you a very finite period where you can literally blame the stars if you are under pressure, you feel stressed or there is a lot of stressed out people around you. This is a short, sharp, intense and fairly high stressed period, but there is something about the makeup of this that makes this more of an opportunity for a breakthrough than it normally would.

Mars is in Cancer all month, a sign that he is not at home in. Mars is all about fire and action, whereas Cancer is a Water sign that is more about feelings and this can create frustration for him. For the warrior planet of the cosmos to have a chance to go into battle will release a lot of those frustrations and while his opposition with Saturn might be more restrictive, as the planets of war and revolution battle, sparks could really fly.

Mars is an unstoppable force and Saturn is an immovable object and as they clash neither side will give. Mars will keep pushing forward and Saturn will stand there like a brick wall, refusing to move. Saturn doesn’t fight, he forces you to take responsibility and to deal with things. This means that even Mars will have to come to the peace table and iron out some kind of a balance and it is in the Cancer and Capricorn ruled areas of your chart that battle for balance will be playing out. If you are a Cancer or a Capricorn, you will have either Mars and Mercury in your sign and Saturn in your relationship sector or Saturn in your sign and Mars and Mercury in your relationship sector, so the battle will be to find a balance between your personal and relationship needs. If you are a Gemini or a Sagittarian, the battle is playing out between your two money houses (the one that rules money going in and the one that rules money going out). If you are a Virgo or a Pisces, the battle will be to find a balance between your home and professional lives.

However, as we all have planets scattered throughout the chart, we can be feeling this in any aspect of our life. Saturn and Pluto are both in retrograde motion, so this could bring up a lot of stuff from the past.

Mars opposition with Pluto is different, for the planets of war and revolution live for the smell of battle and a fight, so both are ready to fight for their agenda, again in the same areas of your chart. Just days after Mars’ opposition with Saturn and feeling frustrated, the warrior planet of the cosmos will be more than ready to go to war, with Pluto not rigid like Saturn is, so will be ready to go into war as well. This creates the potential for things to come to a head, but in a way that offers release and an opportunity for a breakthrough.

Now before I go onto the good news there are more oppositions this month but I am not too worried about them, as they are between Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius and the planets in Gemini. As Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion and Ceres is the queen of nurturing, focused on defining our needs, this doesn’t have the heavy connotations of Mars’ oppositions with Saturn and Pluto.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius from November 2018 to December 2019 and the Sun, Mercury and Venus always moving through opposing sign Gemini at this time of year, it was a given that they would move into opposition. With Jupiter and Ceres in opposition, this is a push to ensure things haven’t fallen asleep at the wheel. At the same time, any aspect with Jupiter, even the most challenging of aspects is going to be fortuitous. Again, as is the case with Mars, when you have planets on opposite sides of the sky clashing, it is all about balance.

The Sun will move into opposition with Jupiter on 10th/11th June, Venus will move into opposition with Ceres on 13th June, with Jupiter on 23rd/24th June and the Full Moon on 17th June is a clash between the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius. Because this is happening at the same time that Mars is moving into opposition with Saturn and Pluto this might exacerbate tensions and because it is coming from a clash between forces in the Gemini and Sagittarius areas of your chart and between the Cancer and Capricorn areas, there could be some confusion as to where it is coming from.

Now for the good news.

Everywhere there is tension this month there are opportunities and support. With a total solar eclipse in Cancer early next month, Mars is able to use his frustration to push through barriers and ensure you’re ready for major new beginnings next month. With Mercury fighting at Mars’ side, his intellectually savvy edge will allow you to see through the fog of war and how to turn this into an advantage. Both Mercury and Mars and the Sun when he returns to Cancer on 22nd June will have the support of dreamy Neptune in Pisces. Mars moves into a positive trine aspect to Neptune on 13th/14th June and Mercury on 18th/20th June. This is just as both are going into battle against Saturn and Pluto, with dreamy Neptune at their side, helping to boost your confidence and keep the dream alive.

In addition, with Mercury and Mars aligned from 18th June to 20th June, peaking on 19th June, in the heat of battle you have Mercury’s intellectually savvy edge and Mars’ passions and fighting spirit interlinked, making it easier to see through the fog of war.

On the Capricorn side of the fence, the month begins with Saturn aligned with Venus in Taurus and Pluto will move into the same friendly aspect on 3rd June. Venus is only in Taurus until 9th June, but that boost in confidence at the start of the month will mean you go into the middle part of the month strong and confident. In addition, with Jupiter returning to Capricorn on 3rd December and 2020 a massive year for growth, expansion and opportunity in the Capricorn ruled area of your chart, whatever is being flushed out now is helping to clear the way and clean house for the massive growth ahead.

The really good news is what lies on the other side of what is really just one tough week out of the whole month. By 20th June all the oppositions, except for Venus’ opposition with Jupiter will be over, which is more opportunity than challenge and we will start to see the benefits on the other side. On 22nd June Neptune will turn retrograde, with his support for the planets in Cancer deepening in the lead up to a total solar eclipse the on 3rd July (New Zealand and Australia time) and 2nd July USA, UK, Europe, Canada etc.

It is on 21st June that something really exciting begins and not just because this is a complete break from the intensity of the month so far. It is Juno’s return to Leo on 21st June that is unlikely to capture your attention, but it is what this asteroid and queen of commitment opens the doors to that absolutely is. So far this year Juno has worked as a trailblazer, especially for Mars, returning to a new area of your chart just a few weeks before the warrior planet of the cosmos. This has been a chance to start developing a sense of commitment before new opportunities open up.

We saw this when Mars returned to Aries on New Year’s Day, before he moved into Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. In each case, Juno has returned first and without changing anything or drawing too much attention has quietly started to nurture a sense of resolve and apart from Aries, in areas of your chart where until then there had been no planetary activity. In every area of your chart Mars has returned to this year Juno has returned a few weeks earlier to prepare for his return and while tensions between Mars in Cancer and Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn start to ease back, Juno quietly leaves and begins to prepare for something special in the Leo ruled area of your chart.

Three things about Juno’s return to Leo on 21st June, Mercury’s return on 27th June, Mars on 2nd July and eventually the Sun and Venus later next month make this very, very good news. The first is that as each leaves Cancer this will see the pressure there drop back. Secondly, with no planets in opposing sign Aquarius until later in the year and all planets long gone from Leo by then, there will be no push back, no challenges or oppositions. Instead, every planet returning to Leo will find nothing but support, in particular from Jupiter and Ceres in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius and Chiron an Eris in fellow Fire sign Aries. Mars will be ecstatic when he returns early next month, with everything about what the planets will find in Leo the opposite to what they are experiencing in Cancer.

The third factor that makes the planets’ return very, very good news is that this will be the first planetary activity since the North Node left Leo in November. It was the North Node’s position here from May 2017 to November 2018 that created a series of major headline grabbing eclipses. Since leaving all the momentum that was there at the time and has continued to build has lacked any kind of outlet. There has been no planetary activity in Leo all year and nothing to give you access to a growing stockpile of untapped potential. As the planets begin returning to Leo it is to a perfect storm, with a lack of challenges, an abundance of support and a massive amount of untapped potential to trigger.

The Leo ruled area of your chart is set to explode with potential and the fact that Juno doesn’t return to open the door to this until 21st June is telling. It is almost as though she is purposely waiting for the other side of what is the toughest week of June and possibly of 2019, waiting for the storm to pass.

This is the kind of month that Astrologers love, for it is full of drama, suspense, challenges and golden opportunities. Of course, we are also human and have to live this experience as well but for me, as a Cancerean I am preparing for what I know will be a tough middle period of the month, to the tension that will build before then but will keep my eye on the benefits on the other side. The fact that we are all on this crazy ride together means that during that point in the month when we do need to buckle up, all we need to do is look to the left and right and realise that everyone else is going through the same conditions and that maybe we can hold hands through this period.

The key takeaway for me, especially when it comes to the clash between the Cancer and Capricorn ruled areas of the chart is that while this is where the challenges are, this is also where the opportunities will come. We have a total solar eclipse in Cancer in early January and lucky Jupiter is returning to Capricorn in December, with a chance before then to clean house.

I will continue to keep you informed of the journey this month will take you on through the Daily and Weekly Horoscopes. A reminder that the General, Love, Money, Business, Chinese, Pet and Fashion Horoscopes are all available on the website but also that you do have the option of having not just the General Daily Horoscopes emailed out, but the Daily Love, Money and Business Horoscopes as well – click here for details.

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All the very best for the coming month
Anne Macnaughtan

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