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Apart from the shock of realising that we have already reached the third month of 2018, March is a month that has me really excited. February is a short month and at 28 days, I am not sure about others, but for me, this creates a real rush. I still have the same monthly deadlines, but with just 28 days to complete them in. Something about having 31 days to stretch out in has me excited and that is before thinking about all of this month’s exciting developments. There is barely an area of your chart that isn’t going to be impacted by the changes this month and the fact that we reach the Aries equinox on the 21st March and the start of the new Astrological year, is just one of the reasons for a sense of change in the air.

To illustrate the magnitude of the change that either begins this month or where the seeds of change can be found, I will go into the nine active areas of the chart this month and preface each paragraph with the words ‘change’ or ‘no change’.

The Scorpio ruled area of your chart:

Change - The first is Scorpio’s position in Scorpio since early October and his stable position since then. The faster moving planets, namely the Sun, Mercury and Venus have already moved through and with the planet of luck and expansion not leaving until November, surely there is no change here.

On the 9th March Jupiter will turn retrograde and by the time we move into the new month he is already slowing down to a standstill. Support from the six planets lined up in Pisces is extreme, so while in the Scorpio ruled area of your chart it might feel that things have become stuck or stalled, in reality, Jupiter is getting ready for a U turn that will open the doors to the past, second chances and a four month retrograde phase. This retrograde phase will continue until July, turning all the focus in the Scorpio ruled area of your chart from the road ahead to the rear view mirror. To have lucky Jupiter going back over old ground is fortuitous, opening the doors to the past, second chances and untapped potential.

A reminder, the Monthly Horoscopes will provide some insight into which area of your chart is ruled by Scorpio and all the other sections, with the Monthly Reports providing a lot more detail.

The Sagittarius ruled area of your chart:

Change – On the 18th March, Mars will not only leave Sagittarius but leave it empty, with no planetary activity for nearly the first time in over three years. I say nearly, because between Mercury’s departure on the 11th January and Mars’ return on the 27th January, there was a 16 day period where there was no planetary activity. However, this was more a chance to regroup, catch your breath and take a break before diving back in again. This created a firebreak between everything until then and Mars’ era, where he was free to play by his own rules. There has been continuous planetary activity in the Sagittarius ruled area of your chart since September 2014 and there still was, when Saturn returned in December 2014 to begin a three year boot camp, which only ended just before Christmas.

The Sun and Venus both left within days of Saturn’s departure but Mercury, held back by a retrograde phase, didn’t leave until the 11th January. This gave you time over the holiday period and into the early part of January to process what had been a demanding but also empowering three years. By the time Mars returned on the 27th January he found a situation where everything had already been invested and thanks to Mercury you already had your head in the game and all he had to do was put his foot on the gas and drive things forward.

Normally Mars will move through in six weeks, but by the time he leaves on the 18th March, he will have been here for seven weeks, trying to squeeze every drop of gas out of the tank. This creates a situation where in the Sagittarius ruled area of your chart, there is a need to put everything you have into everything you do in those first 18 days, after which there will be no planetary activity until the end of October, when Mercury will come full circle, just days before lucky Jupiter returns. During his final days in Sagittarius Mars will get some massive help from the planets moving through the Aries and Leo ruled areas of your chart.

The Capricorn ruled area of your chart:

Change – To start with it will look and feel like this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is one of the most stable areas of your chart. Pluto has been here since 2008 and Saturn returned just before Christmas to begin his three year journey. With Saturn not leaving until December 2020 and Pluto until November 2024 and the Sun, Mercury and Venus having already moved on, they are now here for the long haul. With the Sun not returning to Capricorn until December and Venus and Mercury until January 2019, with Saturn and Pluto here for the long haul, the Capricorn ruled area of your chart is the one area where there is strength, stability and endurance, but nothing that even resembles change.

That will change dramatically when Mars returns on the 18th March, teaming up with both Pluto and Saturn here for the first time in our lifetime. With Pluto always geared towards change, but Saturn always geared towards stability, Mars will return to work with both. No wonder Mars won’t move through in his normal six weeks. Instead, Mars will return on the 18th March but won’t leave until the 16th May and even then will return for a double dip visit from the 13th August to the 11th September. These are the most game changing developments in the Capricorn ruled area of your chart in our lifetime.

The Pisces ruled area of your chart:

Change – While the Sun spends the first three weeks of March in Pisces, always has and always will and starting the month with Venus and Mercury here as well is fairly common, not only do you start the month with six planets, there is change in the air. Pisces is in an area of your chart that has been active for literally decades, starting with Uranus’ return in 2003. Yet while Uranus left in 2010 Chiron, planet of healing returned to take his place and has been here ever since. Chiron was joined by Neptune in 2012 and as he won’t leave until 2026, the Pisces ruled area of your chart will remain active for another eight years.

As the Sun, Mercury and Venus return each year they tap into what is already in play while performing their annual update. This should be the one area of your chart where there is no change. However, after eight years Chiron is leaving next month, with his last full month accelerating the healing process. The gods have brought in some heavy duty support with Juno, queen of commitment making her first visit in four years. Until Mercury leaves on the 6th March, Venus on the 7th March and the Sun on the 21st March, they will be performing their annual updates but also helping to wrap up the healing process. With Chiron gone, Neptune will be free to launch the dreams that have been held back by old ghosts.

The Virgo ruled area of your chart:

Hints of change – The Virgo ruled area of your chart isn’t going to undergo change this month or even next month, but at a positive aspect to Saturn, Pluto and soon Mars in Capricorn and with the remarkable developments ahead in Taurus, this will be impacted by association. In addition, while the Sun won’t return until August and there is no planetary activity here now, there will be planetary activity from June, much earlier in the year than you would normally expect. So if there are no planets in Virgo, why is this an active area of your chart this month? This is all because of a Full Moon here on the 2nd March.

The Aries ruled area of your chart:

Change – Here we find the biggest change, not straight away but this is the month that it begins. Like the Pisces and Capricorn ruled areas of your chart, the Aries ruled area of your chart has been active for years, due to the fact that Uranus has been here since 2010. Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries are the three outer planets, in areas of our chart for years if not decades. This is the reason why they are sometimes referred to as the ‘generational planets’ because everyone born in the same generation will have these planets in the same sign – e.g. almost all baby boomers have their Pluto in Leo.

When Mercury returns to Aries on the 6th March, Venus on the 7th March and the Sun on the 21st March, as they have for the last eight years, they will meet up with Uranus, catch up with what has been building behind the scenes and get a running start. This is all very ordinary, except that as each return they will team up with Uranus here for the last time in our lifetime. Uranus is leaving in May and while he will dip back for a few months in November, he will be gone again by the time the Sun, Mercury and Venus return next year. Mercury will turn retrograde here on the 23rd March, something that means he won’t rush through in 15 days. Instead, Mercury is here until the 14th May, just two days before Uranus leaves on the 16th May. 

Yet as Uranus prepares to leave, it is here that Chiron will return next month, when he leaves Pisces. Until then Uranus will be working with not only the planets returning to Aries, but with Mars in his final weeks in Sagittarius and the North Node and Ceres in Leo.

The Taurus ruled area of your chart:

Change – There will be no evidence of the massive change here this month, mainly because Venus doesn’t return to Taurus until the 31st March. This barely makes it into the planetary activity this month, but when Venus does return she will open the doors to the biggest developments in the Taurus ruled area of your chart, for most of us in our lifetime. Unless you were born before 1942, you haven’t experienced Uranus in Taurus in your lifetime. Taurus is Venus’ home sign, so when she returns on the 31st March she will be aware of the houseguest on the way and while Uranus won’t return until the 16th May, this is the area of your chart that will experience the biggest change, not just this year but through until 2026. This is the first of the outer planets to visit Taurus since Uranus himself left in 1942.

The final two areas of your chart that are active this month I will combine into two, for they are related.

The Leo and Aquarius ruled area of your chart:

Change – With the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius, there is a constant balancing act between the two. The Sun’s departure from Aquarius last month means that there will be no more eclipses for another six months (the lunar nodes dictate where the eclipses fall). But after a total lunar eclipse in Leo and a solar eclipse in Aquarius, you’ll be happy for things to settle this month. However, with the lunar nodes here things will continue to turn over and with the element of fate in play, there is a need to expect the unexpected.

All the very best for the coming month and the exciting period of change we are moving into. Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you all the information on what areas of your chart are being impacted, where, how and when and your Monthly Reports will get right down into the details.

All the very best for the coming month.
Anne Macnaughtan

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