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May 2019

This is a month that really has me excited and it is not just the near perfect combination of the faster planets speeding up and the slower planets slowing down. What has me excited is an opposition between Mars and Jupiter on 5th/7th May and the fact that the Moon will get involved in this. This means, as we leave the first weekend of May and move into Monday 6th May, things might become intense. That is because 6th May is not just the peak of the opposition between Mars and Jupiter, but the Moon joins Mars in Gemini on that day, adding emotional fuel to this.

Oppositions are not something that normally have me excited, but this one does. Firstly, because anything involving Jupiter, even the most challenging of aspects will always have a silver lining. Secondly, Jupiter is the largest and most powerful planet in the solar system and while Mars can bully other planets, here he meets his match. Yet at the same time, Jupiter also meets his match, with fiery Mars not one to back down.

Mars is in his final weeks in Gemini and will leave on 16th May and on Monday 6th May he moves into his final 10 days. This is when things can become manic, not just in the Gemini ruled area of your chart, but in every aspect of your life that responds to a belief that you have to prove yourself, you don’t have enough hours to get things done or if you don’t maintain a manic pace you are somehow being lazy. Yet the danger of this is that Mars can create a drive for action without purpose or a need to be busy for the sake of being busy or taking action because you feel you have to do something.

Jupiter not only comes along to put the brakes on this but in retrograde motion is approaching life from the almost opposite extreme, wanting you to do nothing. Jupiter has been in retrograde motion in Sagittarius for almost four weeks by then and while in retrograde motion until August, things should be starting to move, albeit in reverse, back over ground already covered.

The beauty of this opposition is that, if things have become stalled or stuck in the Sagittarius ruled area of your chart, Mars is able to push start things. At the same time, if things have become manically busy and especially if they are unnecessarily manic in the Gemini ruled area of your chart, Jupiter can put the brakes on. Because Mars and Jupiter are not just powerful planets, but planets that have an immediate presence, in that we can easily feel their influence, this will spread out into all areas of our life. The areas of our life that are unnecessarily manic will have the brakes put on and the areas that have become stalled will get a push from Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos.

That this happens in the early part of the month clears the way to enjoy the rest of this 31 day month in a more balanced way. Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you more information on which areas of your chart are ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius, but you should feel this yourself. All you need to is think about which area of your life is demanding more and more from you and where things have become stalled. Any opposition is all about balance. 

The other significant opposition that every month will host is an opposition between the Sun and Moon, creating a Full Moon. For the first time in February the Full Moon this month won’t fall in Libra, where both March and April’s Full Moons fell. It is rare to have two Full Moons in one Sign and especially for that area of your chart. This was the first time that we had two back to back Full Moons in Libra in 58 years and this makes the Moon’s return to Libra this month significant. Usually what is triggered on a New or Full Moon comes to fruition or completes when the Moon comes full circle. 

When the Moon came full circle from March’s Full Moon in Libra, this was kicked back into play for a second time, with the impact from both Full Moons coming into form when the Moon comes full circle this month. So while the Moon’s visit to Libra from 15th May to 17th May won’t create a Full Moon this time, this could have significant implications in the Libra ruled area of your chart. Again, you don’t need to know specifically what area of your chart this falls, though the monthly Horoscopes will help with that, just be aware of what is happening during that time, trusting that something significant is taking on a life of its own.

Having two Full Moons in Libra also had another significant implication, which this month’s Full Moon will benefit from. For several months the Full Moons have been falling in the very early degrees of a sign. Last September it was down to the Full Moons falling at 01 degrees and by December they were down to falling at 00 degrees. This meant that a Full Moon would fall during the Sun’s first 24 hours in a new area of your chart and within minutes of the Moon’s return. As we have a Full Moon every 28 to 29 days and the Sun is in an area of your chart for around 30 days, by the time the Moon came full circle it would just miss the Sun, with the next Full Moon falling in the early degrees of the next sign.

For the last six months we have had Full Moons that have come from out of nowhere, with the Sun just starting to shine on a new area of your chart and the Moon moving into opposition within the early hours. This gave neither side time to prepare, creating a six month period where we have been blindsided by these Full Moons that have come without warning and with no time to prepare. What happened with the Full Moon in Libra on 21st March, was that it fell so soon after the Sun’s return to Aries, that when the Moon came full circle he was still there, creating a second Full Moon. 

That Full Moon fell at 29 degrees Libra, at the very end and not the beginning and this has huge implications. As each Full Moon falls approximately a day or two earlier than the month before, for the rest of the year the Full Moons are falling towards the end of the Sun’s month long visit. This means the Sun is well established and has firm roots in that area of your chart and it also means, because the Sun is in the later degrees, that it will take days and not hours for the Moon to move into opposition, creating the Full Moon. 

That is the case with the Full Moon in Scorpio on 19th May. The Moon will return on 17th May, a full two days before the Full Moon, instead of just minutes before. Both the Sun and Moon have time to prepare and we get two days of this slowly building to adjust to. No more being blindsided by Full Moons.

However, that is not the only thing that is special about this Full Moon. The Moon returns to Scorpio on 17th May, which not only happens to be Mars’ first full day in Cancer but the first day of an alignment between the North Node there and Neptune in Pisces, that will continue for the rest of this month and into early June. Why this is significant is that Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are all Water signs and part of the same friendly triad. In the two days where the Moon is building towards the Full Moon on 19th May, support between forces across the Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces ruled areas of your chart is building.

Again your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you more information on which areas of your chart are ruled by the three Water signs, but here is an example. For the Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), this is known as the ‘success triad’ and includes your income, work and career sectors. For the Water signs (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio), this is a playful triad, bringing together forces on the personal, passionate, playful and adventurous fronts. For the Earth signs (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn) this brings forces across the communication, friendship and relationship fronts together. For the Fire Signs (Leo, Aries and Sagittarius), this puts the focus on home, finances and your intuition.

I mentioned at the start the perfect combination of the faster moving planets speeding up and the slower planets slowing down. The faster planets (the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) impact on our daily lives and the slower (outer) planets rule the general backdrop. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are in their first full month in retrograde motion while Uranus and Neptune are slowing down ahead of their retrograde turns over the coming months. This means the backdrop that life plays out on is becoming less hurried and rushed, but there is a sense of vibrancy and movement in our day to day lives.

Mercury, who spent over two months in Pisces before leaving just before Easter, will start the month in Aries, spend just 14 days in Taurus and then end the month in Gemini. Venus will start the month in Aries and end the month in Taurus, while the Sun will start the month in Taurus and end the month in Gemini. There is a six day period, from Venus’ return to Taurus on 15th May to the Sun and Mercury’s departure on 21st May that all three will be in the same sign at the same time. This is the first time that has happened since October 2018.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus are also drawing closer to Mars, who will leave Gemini and return to Cancer on 16th May, just five days before the Sun and Mercury return to Gemini, in order to take over from where he leaves off.

Another exciting development for Venus and Mercury’s return to Taurus this month is that like the Sun last month and Mars the month before they will return to find Uranus, the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected here, for the first time in eight decades. With Uranus still in his early degrees, Mercury’s alignment will be the first here since 1942 and Venus’ the first since 1941. This will happen in their early days, beginning a visit they make at this time every year, with a new sense of awareness.

I will continue to keep you informed of the journey this month will take you on through the Daily and Weekly Horoscopes. A reminder that the General, Love, Money, Business,  Chinese, Pet and Fashion Horoscopes are all available on the website but also that you do have the option of having not just the General Daily Horoscopes emailed out, but the Daily Love, Money and Business Horoscopes as well – click here for details.

Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you more information on where all this month’s events are playing out, with the Monthly Reports getting right down into the details.

All the very best for the coming month
Anne Macnaughtan

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