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This month I am doing something completely different. Rather than write a separate Monthly Overview, I am making all the November Monthly Horoscope Reports FREE.

November is the month that I have been waiting for all year and long before I sat down to write the November Monthly Horoscope Reports I knew I would have to make them available for everyone. There is so much happening this month and so much change, that this not only changes the dynamics of this year but before it has even begun, 2019 as well. As we reach the final two months of 2018, this FREE copy of the November Monthly Horoscope Report is my gift to you, a way of saying thank you for allowing me to be your guide through this crazy year.

I write the Monthly Horoscope Reports each month and they are available on a 12 month subscription. The annual subscription fee is $39.95 and at the end of each month, your Report for the new month is emailed out to you, each month for 12 months. In the Report, I go through all the areas of the chart active that month. In a typical month, there are around eight to nine active areas, out of a possible 12 - this means the areas where there are either planets or other cosmic activity. In November 2018 there are 11 out of 12 areas active, something in the 16 years I have been writing these Reports, has never happened before. Not only that, in all 11 areas there is change. With so much change, this is why I needed to make this freely available for everyone.

November Monthly Horoscope Report - FREE
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