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September 2019

Wow! Where to start?

Before I get onto just why this month is so exciting an complex, just an apology that this Overview is a little late and I am not posting this until the early hours of 2nd September (New Zealand and Australian time) and 1st September everywhere else. No excuses really, other than the fact that I ran out of time.

Okay, now to delve into this month and to set this scene for why I am stalling (yes I am, because this is just so complex). Imagine a friend invites you to one of their family celebrations. You arrive late, the room is full of people you don’t know and your friend is filling you in, giving you names, telling you who is related to who, who is with who, who is getting along and who isn’t. This is all very easy for your friend because they have been living it but to you, this is just a massive case of information. Well, in terms of this month’s planetary activity I’m that friend and I have been living it and I know all the complexities and my job now is to try and explain it all to you in a way that isn’t just a case of information overload.

The best place to start is the extraordinary amount of planetary activity in Virgo and if you like, these are the planets that are hosting the party.

It is normal to have Sun in Virgo at this time of year and in fact it is impossible not to, as he will always spend the first three weeks of September here. It is also normal to have Venus and Mercury here, though not always at the same time. Venus and Mercury can return ahead or after the Sun but always at around the same time. It is not a given that you will move into September with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Virgo, but it is not unusual either.

What is not the norm is to have Mars here as well. Mars is only on the same side of the sky as the Sun, Venus and Mercury every second year and in that year they can all meet up anywhere. So to move into September with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo is unusual but what makes this even more unusual is how tightly packed they are.

The last time that the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars (collectively known as the faster planets) were in the same sign at the same time was in October 2017. However, this happend because Venus returned in the Sun’s final days and they were spread out over 26 degrees of Virgo. Because Venus returned during the Sun’s final days they were only all together here for a few days and without the implications this is having now.

This month we not only begin the month with the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars in Virgo, but all within 08 degrees of each other. This is an incredibly tight and rare coming together of the faster planets, happening because they all arrived within days of each other, though travelling at different speeds.

Mars was the first to arrive on 18th August, but as first Venus then the Sun and finally Mercury returned they immediately began to catch up. Venus caught up and aligned with Mars late last month and the Sun and Mercury will both catch up to create a rare triple alignment with Mars from 3rd September to 5th September.

We don’t just have all the faster moving planets in Virgo but they are literally right on top of each other. Venus and Mercury, the fastest of all the planets here will align from 12th September to 15th September and that is significant because they both leave Virgo on 14th September. This means Venus and Mercury will leave Virgo and return to Libra aligned and therefore with heart and mind on the same page.

The Sun will leave Virgo on 23rd September but as he won’t leave until early next month Mars, the planet that started it all last month will spend the whole of the month here.

However, while the amount of planetary activity in Virgo and how concentrated this is, is extraordinary what makes this even more extraordinary is the wider implications. For as the planets move through Virgo they are making some extremely important contacts with some very important areas of your chart and in fact the most important.

It began shortly after the planets began returning to Virgo last month when they one by one moved into a friendly aspect to Uranus in fellow Earth sign Taurus. This is Uranus’ first full month in retrograde motion so this has been a huge boost for him and the Taurus ruled area of your chart. By the time we move into the new month the Sun, Mars and Venus have already moved into an exact trine aspect to Uranus, with Mercury at a trine aspect on 1st/2nd September.

Just a note here before I go on, while the asteroid Juno is in Virgo as well, if I bring her into the story I have to bring other asteroids that are having an impact this month and I am afraid if I do that it is going to get too complicated. However, I do mention this in the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes.

It is then that something even more significant begins, with this group of planets moving through Virgo then moving into the same positive trine aspect to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn and this really is significant. I have mentioned many times that June and July were the most challenging months of 2019, not only because of the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn but because of the oppositions between the two. All the planets that are in Virgo this month moved through Cancer in the middle months of the year. Not at the same time as they are now and in a way that was more spread out, but as each moved through they moved into opposition with first Saturn and then the South Node and Pluto, wave after wave.

Those same planets are now in Virgo and at a friendly aspect to those same planets in fellow Earth sign Capricorn. Because they are so close together, the positive aspects between planets in the Virgo and Capricorn ruled areas of your chart are not only happening on a nearly daily basis, they often overlap. To give you an example, without going into who is connecting with who, these are the dates when there is an exact trine (a friendly aspect that allows things to flow) between planets in Virgo and Capricorn, bearing in mind that every date is associated with a friendly aspect that has an orb (sphere of influence) that stretches out for several days either side –2nd September, 3rd September, 4th September, 6th September, 7th September, 8th September, 9th September, 11th September, 12th September, 13th September, 14th September, 19th September and 20th September.

The last is between Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn and as the planets of war and revolution, these are planets who will want to make things happen. What is significant about this trine is that it begins during Saturn’s first full day in direct motion in Capricorn. That’s right, all that love and support for Saturn is coming during his final weeks in retrograde motion, with his direct turn on 18th September one of this year’s major events.

This is the point when, with Jupiter now in his first full month in direct motion in Sagittarius, all the inner planets are in direct motion and this year moves into its final phase and everything begins its lead up to the massive coming together of planetary activity in Capricorn at the end of this year and especially into January 2020.

However, as I mentioned at the start when using the example of a family gathering, when I am trying to explain who is getting on with who and who isn’t getting along, until now this is just explaining who the planets in Virgo are getting along with.

For as this tight group of planets move through Virgo are making friendly aspect to Uranus in Taurus and Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, they will all oppose Neptune in Virgo and move into a square (slightly more challenging aspect) to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

These sound more scary than they are and I see both as positive.

What makes the difference between the planetary oppositions between the faster planets as they moved through Cancer different this time is two reasons. The first is that you had Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn so every planet had three oppositions, where as Neptune is on his own in Pisces so there will only be one clash. Secondly, with the planets so tightly packed this will be over relatively quickly.

Venus, the first planet to move into opposition with Neptune moves into opposition on 4th/5th September, Mercury on 7th/8th September, Sun on 10th/11th September and Mars on 14th/15th September. You will notice that these dates look familiar, with the planets moving through Virgo all getting support from the planets in Capricorn at the time.

Neptune is the planet of dreams and in Pisces, he is in his own sign, where he is without restraint. Pisces is at home, where he can do what he likes and that means he can encourage you to dream to your heart’s content. Virgo on the other hand is the polar opposite, in that this is a grounded, focused and practical energy. As the planets in Virgo clash with Neptune this is a clash between the dream and the reality. In any opposition it is a clash of two very different approaches and this is made more extreme by the fact that Neptune is so dreamy and the planets in Virgo are so practically grounded. As well as forcing you to create a balance between the Virgo and Pisces areas of your chart, this is forcing you to find a balance between the dream and the reality.

For example, for Aquarius and Leo these are your two money houses. For Aquarius, Pisces rules your income sector and Virgo your financial sector (what you do with the money you have) and for Leo, Virgo rules your income sector and Pisces your financial sector. A clash between the two for Aquarius, will see Neptune’s dreams for all this money you can imagine earning, hitting the grounded reality of the planets in Virgo asking ‘how are you going to make it happen’? For Leo, Neptune is fuelling your financial dreams without thought of how to make it happen, while the line up of planets in your income sector are asking ‘how are you going to make the money’?

When planets are in opposition and especially as this begins with an opposition between Venus and Neptune, natural allies, the aim is to find a compromise and a way to use both resources to find a middle ground. You have to have a dream but you also have to get real and take practical steps. If you can find a way to compromise and again, I will be explaining this in more detail during your Daily and Weekly Horoscopes and also in the Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you more information on where all this month’s events are playing out, with the Monthly Reports getting right down into the details.

The Monthly Horoscope Reports are still on half price special, so this will be a good time to grab a 12 month subscription, which will take you through to August 2020.

At the same time, these planets will also form a square aspect to Jupiter, in his first full month in direct motion Sagittarius. This comes just as Jupiter and Neptune are moving towards their third and last square in the Sagittarius and Pisces ruled areas of our chart in our lifetime. A square is not the same as an opposition and I really like squares. In a positive trine things flow smoothly, in an opposition they are blocked and you are forced to compromise but in a square there is pressure that forces you to raise the bar. The saying I espouse to is ‘trines make you lazy but squares get things done’. So don’t be scared of this.

Jupiter and Neptune are very similar energies and until Neptune was discovered in the 19th Century Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces. I recently heard a way to describe the difference between Jupiter and Neptune and that is with the analogy of a balloon. Both Jupiter and Neptune are full of hot air, in that they dare us to dream and imagine but the difference is that Jupiter is the hot air you can blow into a balloon, so it is limited. In the solar system it is said that Jupiter expands until he hits Saturn’s reality (the next planet out) and in the balloon analogy you can only blow so much air into a balloon until it is full, then you have to stop. So there are limits to what Jupiter dares you to imagine, because he knows you can’t just dream it, you will eventually have to do it.

Neptune is the air blown into the atmosphere, with no restraints and Neptune will just continue to dream with nothing stopping him. In the build up to Neptune’s last square with Jupiter, what you have is the planet of luck and expansion saying ‘come on mate, we have to get practical and start working out how to make things happen. We have all these planets in practical Virgo, they’re on my back, they’re on your back and instead of fighting them, why not use them to our advantage’?

Because the planets will begin leaving Virgo on 14th September and the Sun will be gone by 23rd September, this is not only creating a lot of concentrated energy in Virgo in the first half of the month but across the solar system. And that is without throwing in the Full Moon in Pisces on 14th September, which will see the Moon oppose and fire up all that Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius energy.

This is Jupiter’s first full month in direct motion in Sagittarius but leaving on 3rd December and then going on to join Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, he will be using all of this month’s energy to get his own mandate moving.

When Venus and Mercury return to Libra on 14th September (Venus in the early hours of 15th September here in New Zealand), this will start to lessen the intensity and as they return aligned this will give things a head start ahead of the Sun’s return on 23rd September.

It is in Libra that this month’s New Moon will fall on 28th/29th September (depending on where you are in the world). However, the Moon is in Libra from 28th September to 30th September and will align with the Sun, Mercury and Venus during that time, so that whole period is infused with New Moon energy. Mars will pick up on this when he returns on 4th October.

This is an exciting month and while the planetary line up in Virgo is stunning, what I see as even more stunning is just how cleverly they are energising not just other areas of the chart but the most important areas – namely Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces and the South Node, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. It is quite a feat for the faster moving planets to interact so directly with so many areas of the chart and it is only happening because of this year’s unique line up.

September really is literally a case of the stars aligning perfectly, not always for our ‘wants’ but definitely for our ‘needs’.

I will continue to keep you informed of the journey this month will take you on through the Daily and Weekly Horoscopes. A reminder that the General, Love, Money, Business,  Chinese, Pet and Fashion Horoscopes are all available on the website but also that you do have the option of having not just the General Daily Horoscopes emailed out, but the Daily Love, Money and Business Horoscopes as well – click here for details.

Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you more information on where all this month’s events are playing out, with the Monthly Reports getting right down into the details.

All the very best for the coming month

Anne Macnaughtan

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