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December 2019

This month’s cosmic conditions read like a blockbuster novel, full of rich characters, plot turns and edge of your seat reading. This is by far not only the most exciting month of 2019, but the month that not only changes the dynamics of this year but of 2020 as well. In addition, we have the last New and Full Moons of 2019, one of them not only a solar eclipse but right over Christmas. We also have Venus making this a special Christmas and holiday period for many of us.

In short, this month is anything but business as usual.

The game changer is Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, who since November 2019 has been in his home sign Sagittarius. Jupiter is in his element here, able to fully expand and occupy his space. For nearly 13 months now, Jupiter has lorded it over the Sagittarius ruled area of your chart. When you read the December Monthly Horoscopes you will see where this falls for you.

In the early hours of 3rd December New Zealand and Australian time (2nd December for most other parts of the world), Jupiter will leave Sagittarius and this will have a major impact here and also in the Capricorn ruled area of your chart, where he returns.

Jupiter’s departure will end his nearly 13 month visit to Sagittarius and while the planet of luck and expansion won’t be back here until 2030, his legacy and all the potential that he has created since returning in November 2018 is in safe hands. The Sun will remain here until 22nd December, with Mercury here from 9th December to 29th December and Mars returning in the New Year. There will be a brief gap, between Mercury’s departure and Mars’ return on 3rd January where there will be no planetary activity here, for the first time since October 2018 and that will provide a valuable chance to just take a break and let things settle.

In Capricorn it is a different story, with Jupiter’s return a much bigger deal than this should be. Jupiter takes 12 years to move through all 12 signs of the zodiac, spending around a year in each sign and therefore in each area of your chart. The year that Jupiter spends here is the most expansive and opportune year in over a decade and therefore a really big deal. With Jupiter in Capricorn from 3rd December 2019 to 20th December 2020, this major influence on next year is born in the final weeks of this year.

However, while Jupiter returns to Capricorn every 12 years, the last time that he was here at the same time as Saturn was from October 1960 to November 1961. Yet while having Jupiter in Capricorn is a big deal, something last experienced from December 2007 to January 2009 and having Jupiter and Saturn meet up here is an even bigger deal, something last experienced six decades ago, having Pluto here as well is more than a once in a lifetime event.

The last time that Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, the planets of luck, change and the planet that can give you the power to move mountains were in the same sign at the same time was in 1982, but the last time they were together in Capricorn was in 1285 – not long after the Norman conquest.

Jupiter’s return to Capricorn on 3rd December is a once in a decade event. Having Saturn and Jupiter meet up in Capricorn is a once in a lifetime event. Having Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter meet up in Capricorn is a once in a millennium event. So to say that Jupiter’s return to Capricorn is a big deal is a massive understatement.

These are the planets that will shape 2020, the most powerful year we have seen in four decades and the fact that Pluto has been here since 2008 and Saturn since December 2017, means that we have been preparing for this for a long time. This is the month that everything until now has led up to and everything from now will lead on from.

These three planets will form the backdrop of the next 12 months but there is also more mundane planetary activity here. Venus is in Capricorn until 20th December, leaving two days before the Sun returns on 22nd December and nine days before Mercury returns on 29th December. These are the planets that return at around this time every year and are the bridge between the major developments here and how this translates into everyday life.

This is not only good news in the Capricorn ruled area of your chart but in the Taurus ruled area as well, where Uranus is in the early months of a seven month journey. Any planet returning to Capricorn will form a friendly aspect to Uranus and that is something that the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury will all do this month. Again, the Monthly Horoscopes will provide more details, but as an example – for Aries Capricorn rules your 10th House (that of career and professional expansion) while Taurus rules the 2nd House (that of earned income). As Uranus is in Taurus until 2026, the next 12 months are not only expansive professionally, but potentially lucrative as well. For Scorpio, Uranus is in your relationship sector and Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and the other planets in your communication sector, creating a powerful year on the communication and relationship fronts.

This is obviously not all that is happening this month, with some exciting developments in the Air Signs. While we have the asteroid Juno in Air ruled Libra, there is no planetary activity in any of the Air signs, but the Moon and Venus are out to change that. The last Full Moon of 2019 will fall in Air ruled Gemini on 12th December while Venus will return to Air ruled Aquarius on 20th December. Venus will spend Christmas, New Year, the holiday period and the first two weeks of 2020 here and with no planetary activity in Aquarius since earlier in the year and no challenges, this will be a Christmas gift from the gods.

Both the Full Moon and Venus’ return to Aquarius will elevate Juno’s position in Libra, energising all three of the Air signs. This is good news for all of us – but for example, for the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) – the Air signs rule your income, work and career sectors. For Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) the Air signs impact your personal life, making up your communication, friendship and relationship sectors. For the Air signs themselves this will be particularly special. For Aquarius, you have Venus, planet of love spending Christmas, New Year and the holiday period in your Sign, while for Gemini this is an adventurous part of your chart and for Librans a fun, playful and romantically charged part.

In the meantime, Mars will spend the rest of the year in Scorpio, where he is now right at home and free from any pushback is soaring. Mars will also be a support for dreamy Neptune, who is spending his first full month in direct motion in fellow Water sign Neptune.

Finally, the last New Moon of 2019. To me, considering just how significant Jupiter’s return to Capricorn is and the major impact this will have on not only the final weeks of this year but the whole of 2020, it is only fitting that the last New Moon of 2019 not only falls here but is no ordinary New Moon but a solar eclipse. This is a total solar eclipse but not the ordinary kind. This is an ‘annular’ eclipse and by far the most spectacular. At different times of the month the Moon is further away or closer to the Earth and this changes the size of the Moon. The Moon doesn’t actually change size, but like any object that moves further away, it appears smaller. This means that when the Moon covers the Sun to form the total solar eclipse they are different sizes and the Moon isn’t quite big enough to completely cover the Sun, so we will see a bright circle of light or a ‘ring of fire’ around the Sun.

What better kind of New Moon to mark the entry into this major new Capricorn ruled journey. The timing is also significant for depending on where you are in the world this will fall on either Christmas or Boxing Day. This will fall on 26th December in New Zealand, Australia and Europe but in North America it will still be 25th December. Either way, this will be a spectacular New Moon, at a spectacular time of year and in a spectacular part of your chart.

I will continue to keep you informed of the journey this month will take you on through the Daily and Weekly Horoscopes. A reminder that the General, Love, Money, Business, Chinese, Pet and Fashion Horoscopes are all available on the website but also that you do have the option of having not just the General Daily Horoscopes emailed out, but the Daily Love, Money and Business Horoscopes as well – click here for details.

Your Monthly Horoscopes and Monthly Horoscope Reports will give you more information on where all this month’s events are playing out, with the Monthly Reports getting right down into the details.

All the very best for the coming month

Anne Macnaughtan

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