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           All calls $3.99 per minute (plus GST from within New Zealand)

                         Calling from outside NZ?
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0900 85000  or 0900 55000

0800 785000  or 0800 785001

There is no need to let questions, doubts or worries consume you when we have an amazing team of wise, experienced, warm and professional psychics ready and waiting for your call from no matter where you are in the world.

Our psychics are able to take over from where Astrology leaves off, looking beyond the covers to what is really happening in your life. Only the best of the best will do for Forecasters and we have the pleasure of introducing you to our team - JadeCarissa, and Skye.

While any one of our Psychic Team are able to get right to the heart of a situation and provide insight and understanding, answering your questions and giving you insight that the stars alone can’t, then and there on the spot, you might want to read the profiles of our three psychics to get a feel for who you might want to reach out to.

However, no matter who you call they are all equally able to get to the heart of your question, problem, issue or dilemma or simply shed light on a situation. 

Calling from anywhere in the world is simple and easy through Skype, with all the information on the links opposite.

For International callers - Using Skype contact 'carissa4casters'

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