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Introducing - Deb

Deb Image-972Hi, my name is Deb – If you are at crossroads and want to know what each path holds so you can make decisions in alignment with your goals, sometimes it is good to get a professional to clarify what the future may bring. If you have landed on my page today, it may be that you need my assistance. I am glad you’ve found me.
Life moves so fast, with many responsibilities, choices and stress in our lives more than ever we need some guidance of what might happen in the future.
I know that you want someone to quickly get into your head and heart, to speak to you and guide you in a way that touches your soul and helps you to know what to do right now to get the future that you desire. I deliver intuitive psychic readings full of details, guidance and tailored advice. Think of me as a bridge, between this world and the next and between your consciousness and your higher consciousness.
As a clairvoyant I combine both spiritual and practical insights. I try to keep the work of Spirit simple, practical and accessible to give you clarity about your way forward and the probable outcomes of each of the paths before you, be they relationship/love, family, health, financial or business issues. No false hopes, just honest, clear and caring insight.
As a psychic medium I can make contact with your loved ones in Spirit. Those in Spirit are never more than a thought away. Receiving communication from loved ones typically involves expressions of love, communication of what was left unsaid and healing messages and this can be life changing for some people.
As a healer, I offer distance healing and support as you journey towards wellness, this may include practical self-care guidance. I have been a healer all of my life and have seen many inexplicable healings occur and the ‘incurable’ resolved. I do not offer diagnosis or medical treatment, and healing treatments should not be used to replace appropriate medical care, but used alongside any treatment you require to support your recovery.
As an animal communicator - I am able to tune into your pets/animals to help them communicate with you. I link into your pet to talk to them but more importantly to be able to hear what they want to say. Through this I help you establish deeper communication with your pet to enable a better understanding of their needs and state of mind.

Finally, we always have complete freedom of choice in what we do. The insights you'll get from me will give you clear directions and choices for your steps – but it's up to you to take those steps, when you're ready to do so.  It is my joy to help people reach their full potential and lead more successful lives through the love and guidance of spirit; to bring them peace, healing, clarity, hope and joy that perhaps they couldn’t have found on their own.

I know this is my purpose in life; perhaps I can help you find yours.

Call Deb NOW on 0900 85000

or for Credit Card Calls  0800 7 85000 / 0800 7 85001

(New Zealand only)
Calls cost $3.99 + gst/min

Make an Appointment with Deb
Email with a date and time convenient

To call Deb live via Skype anywhere in the world
Search - deb4casters and send her a friend request OR
Phone + 64 9 4303842  Calls cost $3.99 p/m (+GST for NZ Callers)


Calling from anywhere in the world is simple and easy through Skype, with all the information on the links below.

How do I call by using Skype? click here ~ Country Codes click here ~ Skype calling rates click here


I have been having readings with Deb for several years now. She is always spot on and is so generous with her time and insights. I am surprised again and again by what she can tell me and invariably she is right. M

My reading with Deb was the best I have ever had. She made me feel so comfortable, she was warm and caring and no question was too much trouble. Her insights were accurate and her advice saved me from buying a lemon of a car. T.H

Like lots of people I turned to a psychic when my marriage was in trouble. I am so glad I found Deb. She’s amazing and helped me get clear on my feelings and to be calm in a difficult situation. She said we would work through it and I am happy to say we are still married now. Kylie C

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