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Hi - my name is Jade. I have been working with my clairvoyance, clairaudio, intuition, spirituality, tarot cards for many years, or perhaps you have a recurring dream I could help you with?
Life throws us many challenges that sometimes makes us feel very vulnerable, lost and alone and we need to seek guidance and clarity to help ensure we are on the right path.

We often limit ourselves by putting ourselves in boxes where we feel safe and secure rather than face our fears and insecurities.

The future is not set in stone. We have some degree of influence over it. I am here to guide you in your journey.


This procedure involves a great deal of spiritual involvement to draw out negative energy to replace with positive.

A Clearing/Cleansing (which also involves prayers) is one of the most powerful rituals there is. It removes everything that is negative in your life (from the beginning of your life to now). It will also remove any bad energies that either surrounds you or have been placed on you.

As this is a procedure that you participate in, it is important that it is followed exactly to the letter. There can be no changes to the details that you will be provided. I will work with you directly, it doesn't matter where in the world you are. This procedure will take 4 days to complete. to find out more about this service. 

Call Jade NOW on 0900 55000 or 0900 85000

or for Credit Card Calls  0800 7 85000 / 0800 7 85001
(New Zealand only)
Calls cost $3.99 + gst/min

Make an Appointment with Jade
Email with a date and time convenient

Calls cost $3.99 p/m (+GST for NZ Callers)



Jade is a very gifted lady and my reading has truly been a healing process.

Jades empathy and authenticity is amazing. Her offer of advice and comfort by gentle suggestions helped me so much.


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