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Anne Macnaughtan

Anne MacnaughtanAstrology was not a field I chose, it chose me. I had always been a student of human nature and interested in Astronomy and Mythology, but not that 'into' Astrology. When I was younger, Astrology seemed to present more questions than answers. Yet fate had a different agenda.

After bringing up my 4 children I was at a point in my life where I was looking for a new challenge and with Saturn in my 9th House (that of learning), I was hungry for knowledge and for a higher purpose. I was at a crossroads in terms of which career path to take, whether to take the path that would lead to a degree in Social Work or Psychology or to study journalism, turning a part time writing passion into a full time profession. Astrology wasn't even a consideration for a career path, as at the time it wasn't even an interest.

In 1997 I was looking for a part time job, that had enough flexibility to let me study while I began a journalism course and that allowed me to continue a voluntary role that I had a real passion for, as a Victim Support worker. I answered an ad in a local paper, which mentioned nothing about Astrology. It turned out to be a powerful turning point in my life, for the job was with an Astrologer who completely changed my life path and brought everything that I had ever done, throughout my life to that point, onto its natural path. It was because of the way that my true passion and purpose chose me, that has led me to believe that if you follow your heart and your passions and you listen to your instincts, that synchronicity can move mountains to make things happen. This meant that it was never about what career path I had to create and more about trusting that there was a path already mapped out and all I had to do was trust my own judgement and take it one step at a time. 

I learned very quickly on the job, injecting my own take on things, especially my love of Mythology, Astronomy and human nature. In my role as a Victim Support worker I visited and helped counsel victims of crime and major life trauma, giving them the support and knowledge to empower themselves and when I began writing Horoscopes I realised that I could do the same thing, except for many more people, in all life situations. My Horoscope writing career began with the TVNZ Goodmorning Show and the Teletext Horoscopes here in New Zealand and over the years this has grown to include many media portals, newspaper and Internet sites in New Zealand, Australia and worldwide. There hasn't been a day since then, that I have not written about, commented on and had to understand, the cosmic trends at play and given advice on how to work with those conditions. As worn out a cliche as it might be, I really do believe that knowledge is power.

In 2002 I formed my own company (Forecasters) and the rest is history. The Horoscopes I write now go out all around the world and reach many thousands of people every single day. I consider myself both blessed and lucky to not only have found my passion, but to be able to share that passion with so many people. I am glad that you have found us and I hope that you find the inspiration, guidance and understanding you need to create a phenomenal life.
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