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Birthday Report (Solar Return)
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A Solar Return (Birthday Report) is the chart cast for the instant the Sun returns to the exact place it was when you were born, at whatever place you happen to be at that moment. That’s simple enough. That happens within a day of your birthday every year, so it’s your birthday chart - happy birthday!

But what is it really, and what does it mean?
  1. It’s a sky snapshot, which gives you an idea of what the planets are up to and what kind of things they are cooking up for you around your birthday and in days to come. It’s a quick look at the general state of things, your transits, which is always helpful - but you could do that for any day of the year.
  2. A Solar Return is a yearly rebirth chart, a picture of a new you reborn each year in slightly different clothing. It’s a yearly overlay to your original horoscope which paints a picture of what the coming twelve months will be like - and, just as important, it paints what you yourself will be like in the coming year. And, unlike your natal chart, you can actually do something about it - by choosing where you will be when it happens,you can change your whole year.
  3. There was a time when the yearly Solar Return was taken as a virtual replacement chart for your original horoscope. In fact, that opinion was so strongly held among astrologers in the 1600s that English astrology giant William Lilly warned practitioners not to neglect the natal chart in favor of the latest Solar Return. So, it’s a big deal. Your natal chart is still the most important description of you, but your Solar Return each year has a lot to say about how you’re developing and what the year has to offer.
  4. Your Solar Return has some special attributes that make it unique, which require special attention, and which offer unusual opportunities. Because it’s an annual rebirth chart, unlike your natal birth chart which lasts a life time, it only lives for a year - but in that year it has its own, scaled-down mini-life, of which you have a blueprint.
  5. Ideally it is best to get your Solar Return chart caste at your birthday each year, you are able to jump in at any point.
  6. As the solar return chart is influenced by where you are on the day, if possible please detail where you plan to be on your birthday. Put this in the Current City option or stipulate in the comments box.
Please Note: If you are unsure of your Time of Birth, please type in 'Unknown Time' in the Comments Box on the order form

Birthday Report (Solar Return)

Birthday Report (Solar Return)
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