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Chakras Report
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The Life Chakras Report provides an in-depth report about inclinations (likes) and disinclinations (dislikes). This Report is based on the actual skeleton structure of the solar system itself. It reflects the exact inclinations and disinclinations of the planets and their orbits to one another, the precise inclinations and disinclinations which form the cosmic framework in effect in the heavens at your birth.

This is one of the chakras or great centers of life activity from an astrological perspective, as they relate to your particular birth chart. It is important to understand that although the chakras are often pictured as multicoloured force centers along the spinal column within the body, they are in actuality vast areas of life outside our physical self in which we live and move.  For example, although the Jupiter Chakra within the body is sometimes shown as an orange coloured light in the lower spine, it in fact refers to our entire life path, our career and how we find our way through the thicket of Saturn - all the nature laws and rules of the world.

Each chakra is a whole world we get lost in for various lengths of time (or lifetimes), so keep that in mind. More in-depth details about each of the seven chakras and the other planetary force centers are given later in this Report. There has been a lot written about the chakras, but little of it is based on pure astrological and astronomical facts. The technique used here considers the very heart and skeleton of the solar system itself in relation to you and the exact inclinations and disinclinations of each planet to the orbits of the other planets.

How This Relates to You
The Life Chakras Report can answer some very basic, but interesting questions, such as: As a person are you predominately up most of the time or the other way around? Do you say 'Yes' to life, or do you have some reservations and, if so, what are they? Are you inclined to work on career and have a strong life path?
What areas of life are you naturally disinclined to, and have problems with? In other words, what parts of life do you naturally take to and where do you tend to shy away from or ignore? 

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Chakras Report

Chakras Report
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