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Just for Women Astrological Report
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  • Find your inner goddess.
  • Let your Birth Chart help you to access your feminine power and potential.
  • This stunning Report is written just for women, tapping into your birth chart to reveal how you can have the most phenomenal relationships, career and life.

This is a stunning Report, just for women. The moment of your birth, the stars were in the perfect position to support the most stunning and phenomenal life possible. It can be said that your moment of birth is not a random event, but a moment in time, chosen specifically to support the life path you’ve chosen in this lifetime.

In this Report the focus is solely on women and how, as a woman, you can work with your birth chart to express your inner feminine power and potential. The aim of this Report is to work through your individual birth planets and their placements in your chart so you can have the most phenomenal relationships possible, the most fulfilling and rewarding career and the most extraordinary life possible.

Your inner goddess is there, waiting to be discovered and set free and it’s by understanding the complex mix of feelings, needs, drives, desires, skills, strengths, weaknesses and talents that makes you who you are, that you tap into your divine feminine power.

Please Note: If you are unsure of your Time of Birth, please type in 'Unknown Time' in the Comments Box on the order form - Only complete 2nd Person details if purchasing the Compatibility Package.


Just for Women Astrological Report

Just for Women Report
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