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Life Landscape Report
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The Life Landscape Report tracks the passage of Saturn through your life and the 3 decade long Saturn cycles that create the landscape that your life plays out on. This is a birth to late 80's Report, allowing you to track back over the years to see where Saturn has been, where he is now and what he has in store for you over the coming years. 

As well as marking where you are, were or will be in your current Saturn cycle at any given time in the past, present and future, this chronicles each time Saturn aligns with a planet in your birth chart, the influence this has or will have. As Saturn, the great timekeeper, moves through a chart in an approximately thirty year cycle, this marks out a path that all must follow, ready or not. The Life Landscape Report provides full coverage of Saturn for ninety years, complete with a chart for each 30-year cycle showing its movement across chart angles (with years and dates), personal interpretation of each of your Saturn cycles, and a chronological list of Saturn related events in your life along with dates, interpretations, and even a graphic reminder of the nature of the event.
Saturn is the great timekeeper of astrology, with his 30 year cycles slowly marking out the creation and completion of the physical form. Since childhood, adolescence and early adult life are so crucial to each of us, an attempt has been made to describe these formative years from an astrological perspective. Based on the gradual movement of the planet Saturn, in what is one of the most tested of all astrological techniques. It is used by almost every professional astrologer as part of any personal consultation and when I sit down with someone, regardless of the question and why they have come to see me, when I look at their birth chart the first questions I ask are 'where is Saturn'? Where is this person in their current Saturn cycle? and what planets in this persons Birth Chart are being impacted by Saturn right now.

Saturn is a challenging planet but he will always be somewhere and it's far better to know where he is and what he's up to or more specifically what he requires of you, than to stick your head in the sand. 

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Life Landscape Report

Life Landscape Report
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