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Life Strategy Report
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We all have talents and we all have needs and wants. Just as in the workplace we trade our talent (work) for what we need (money, security, etc.), astrologically we are are no different. We all have certain innate gifts or talents, something that makes us special and valuable. It is important to know what those talents are.

By the same token we all have legitimate wants, areas where we tend to lack functionality, areas we might want to shore up and strengthen. Life is a vast commodities trading center, where we build relationships that serve a mutual purpose. You may have what I am missing and vice versa, so we become friends or co-workers. Or even if you have nothing to trade with me, I may have a talent for some work that I can do for you to gain access to the missing ingredients that I need.

Money and things are not all we trade or barter. Love relationships, friends, partnerships, co-workers, families, etc., all are made of matched components, like jigsaw-puzzle pieces, each dovetailing into one another. Everything from a two person partnership to a large office situation … to small and large corporations, all are made up of individuals fitting together into a team or group. Like a patchwork quilt, we all fit together individually piece by piece. 

It does not so much matter what talents you have, whether they are few or many. What is important is that you are aware of what you are worth, the talents you do have and know how to use them to get what you want. This is what this Report is all about. The Report contains sections that contain a discussion of your talents, another on what you lack and might want to improve on and also a section on just how you might go about balancing yourself by forming strategic relationships of various kinds, suggestions on how to use what you have and get what you want. And finally, there is a section on how you approach relationships, with suggestions on who you might want to partner up.

The Life Strategy Report provides in depth details on your Birth Chart, plus sections on your particular talents and also what you need, areas of life where you may fall short. Next, based on your talents and needs, a strategy is outlined making the most of your talents and filling in the blank spots of your needs. Learn how to exchange what you have for what you need or want. 

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Life Strategy Report

Life Strategy Report
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